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March 18th 2010 8:22 pm

Tomato for Linksys WRT160N

I'm looking to put Tomato firmware on this guy, replacing the default linksys firmware. Is there a version of Tomato that will work for this router? I've seen firmware for the lower G models, but none for this newer model.

Advice on other better firmware for this router or instructions on flashing the firmware and all that jazz is welcome (I've never done a router firmware change).

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There is a beta version of DD-WRT for the 160N if you have the version 3.0 firmware, and stable DD-WRT for the 1.0 and 1.1 version of the 160N. I have a version 3.0. I was using the beta for a while, and it worked fine, but I ended up switching back to stock Linksys for the moment. If you have version 2.0 of the router, for now there is nothing.

I just noticed that it was updated with a newer release yesterday, and has added images for more options.

It's located here: www.dd­-wrt.com­/site­/support­/router­-database (put 160 in the search field).

Basically, you have to upload the micro version and restart, and then you can upload any of the other versions that you might want. There is also a link to the support forum for whichever version you are using.
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I've actually checked for the version on my router before and all the was there was a serial number followed by nothing at all...I'm guessing this would mean Ver. 1 but I didn't want to guess. I bought it quite a while back, like over a year ago probably, so it's most likely ver. 1
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Probably. On mine the version is after the model number on the bottom - WRT160N v3.

If there is no v there, you have model 1.

See www.linksysbycisco.com­/US­/en­/support­/WRT160N­/downl... - follow the link, "where is my model number".
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TomatoUSB is supported for versions 1 and 3.

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