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November 7th 2011 12:49 pm

Top 10 most wanted gadgets for October 2011

We decided to pull some interesting data for the last month and look at the most wanted gadgets for October 2011. Check it out and discuss below.
  1. Apple iPhone 4S

  2. Samsung Galaxy Nexus

  3. Amazon Kindle Fire

  4. Apple iPad 2

  5. Amazon Kindle Touch

  6. Apple iOS 5

  7. Google Android Ice Cream Sandwich

  8. Apple MacBook Air 13-inch (Mid 2011)

  9. Nokia Lumia 800

  10. Sony PlayStation Vita
What product were you most excited about in October?

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Everything else is ho-hum compared to the Lumia 800. That is a sexy piece of hardware. If only I had any interest in a Windows phone!
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The hardware is sexy, but the internal specs are just downright disappointing. No NFC and 512mb RAM compared to the N9's NFC capability and 1GB of RAM. COME ON NOKIA.
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Windows Phone doesn't NEED 1GB of RAM. Until its operation pushes any existing device to slow down, only then will Microsoft change the minimum specs on hardware. The Mango update makes Windows Phone FASTER in practically all accounts on existing hardware than the previous version of Windows Phone. That is how updates should be for all operating systems. OS's shouldn't require more hardware. Updates should result in better operation and efficiency for existing users. I can't say that iOS 4 did that for iPhone 3G/3GS users and that's definitely not the case using iOS 5 on my iPhone 4. iOS's general performance has degraded to choppiness on my iP4 and seems to require a 4S to work "optimally." I tried a 4S for a week and sent it back because what is optimized there isn't enough to warrant a purchase when in a year, the next update is likely to degrade the experience once again. I want a device that will LAST for at least the two-year contract to justify its purchase. Whatever happened to optimizing software for minimum hardware? That's what R&D is about. Drug researchers make and improve upon drugs so that more and more humans in the weakest of health can use them. Sure there are side effects to every drug, but rarely do you find enough properties in a drug that increasingly excludes a great population share the way many mobile OS's do of existing devices. Windows Phone seems to be the only platform that is designed to work for the better.

NFC is not necessary right now. No where in my city with at least a 600k+ population are there enough NFC-enabled pay points where it'd make sense for me to even be interested in a device if it did or didn't have NFC. I'm more interested in the longevity of the OS on that device. That's what Microsoft and its partners should focus on in marketing Windows Phone devices.
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Twice as many people want an iPhone 4s than a Nexus Galaxy, however twice as many of the people I follow want a Nexus Galaxy than a iPhone 4s
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Interesting that the Vita is up there. I haven't heard any new news about that device since it was launched.
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Personally it was the iPhone 4S, as I moved back to the US and was waiting for Apple's 'next' phone to come out..

But the Kindle Fire looks interesting, I'm looking forward to reading reviews on that when it ships.
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2, 3, and 5 are my choices.
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apple iphone 4s, mainly because of siri....
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I'm definitely most excited about the Galaxy Nexus and is followed closely by the Vita.
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Already got my screen protector pre ordered from xoskins.com for the Galaxy Nexus. I was waiting for an iPhone but now ill go with the nexus. My biggest issue is battery life. The kindle fire looks pretty cool. I like being able to digitally check out books from the library and I have become quite the reader.
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Apple iOS 5!
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Yup iphone 4s is the most demanding gadet now days.. m also heading to buy it..This list is cool.Here's another my favourite gadget list here latesthub.com­/top­-10­-gadgets­-2011/ m sure you will like it..
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