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by SharifSB

Finding someone to develop a gadget prototype
I want to develop a watch with a colored lcd display. How can I go about finding someone who can help me create a prototype?
Sennheiser HD 219

by filipcoto

Sennheiser HD 219 head phones
I have Alcatel one touch smart phone.I want to buy Sennheiser HD 219 headphones but are theese compatibile with Alcatel smartphones?

by Williamshaw16

What is the best tempered glass screen protector?
Right now, tempered glass screen protector is much popular, it is widely used on the cell phone, tablet and other screen, but how to know which tempered glass screen protector is the best?

pls link to:

by Sammattingly

Cell phone mounts
Has anyone tried Sticko, the tiny cell phone mount that got its start through a Kickstarter campaign? I've bought several pricey mounts for my car, each was a royal pain. This little thing is small, I carry it in my pocket or bag. Let me know if you have and what your experience has been.
Samsung Gear 2

by ramener

Smartwatch that keeps the calendar locally?
My son isn't allowed to have a cell phone at school. He is really helped by some alarms and reminders to hand in work, and look at his schedule.

We were using a Wimm One, because it could sync via wifi and kept the information on its memory until the next sync, but since google bought them and discontinued the website we are floundering.

Are there any smartwatches that can keep the information internally? Or apps that make that possible?

Thanks for your help.
Samsung Galaxy S III Mini (S3 Mini)

by wizzie

Samsung Galaxy III Mini Android Phone and Media Cards
Can anyone tell me what type of card and the size I need to use as extra storage in my Galaxy III Mini

by scar1

Time for a tablet?
I have a galaxy s4 currently and might get an s5 on black friday for free from best buy. I don't have an upgrade but off contract the s5 will be $199 and i can sell my s4 for $105 and use a $100 giftcard I have so the s5 will essentially be free (minus tax), then next fall i can get the s6 (hopefully for free as well) but this time ill have an upgrade. My question is, should i also get a tablet? The samsung tab s seems to be a good choice since ive been using galaxy phones for years. I go on... Read more →

by scar1

what do you use to listen to music at the gym?
How do you listen to music while at the gym? I use my old ipod with the wired apple earbuds but i want some wireless bluetooth earbuds instead. If i buy a pair i need to use my phone (because it has bluetooth) but i dont want it in my pocket while i work out or on the ground next to me because i dont want to drop a weight on it. Is there a better way im not thinking of to use my galaxy s4 and wireless earbuds? Like a case thing that clips on my waistband like my ipod touch currently does? I dont... Read more →
Apple iPhone 5s

by TimJill

Which battery case color should I choose for my iphone 5s ?
Though iPhone 6 is coming out. i still think my iPhone 5s is good.I Decided to choose a battery case for it.
Which color should i choose? i am a girl-- Red/ Blue/White?

Product link ?