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by CowboyButler

Best printer for 4 x 6 photo printing *with* bluetooth?
Question: What is the best printer that meets the following specs:
Portable, must be able to run on battery if no power is available (OK - that's a fantasy, but not ALL that important)
  • Prints/utilizes 4" x 6" photo paper
  • Bluetooth connectivity included.
  • Android app *and* iOS app for taking, editing and printing photos directly to printer
  • Will withstand printing HUNDREDS of photos
  • Won't cost a FORTUNE to run [would rather pay more for printer for cheaper operation]
  • ... and yes - I'd love to use a ZINK...
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    by piedniers

    Life cam hd-3000
    J'ai Installé ma camMAIS Quand je Communiqué aveC des contacts sur SKYPE Les images Que je reçois Etla mienne SONT figées (gelées)

    by agastya71

    Bluetooth speakers and docks for Iphones
    I am looking to buy a decent speaker system that is blue tooth capable and has a docking port (if I need to charge my iphone). Any suggestions ?
    Apple iPad

    by jasonheinz

    Micro Suction Cases for iPhones and iPads
    Have you guys seen the new cases for iphone and ipad that use micro suction? I saw them on Kickstarter - Search for 'Access Case' I was wondering if anyone knows if these things work?

    by dtanders

    Stylus that works when held with thick gloves?
    I got burned - singed, really - in a very minor way when I bought a cheap stylus off of Amazon that I intended to use with my mittens: http://www.columbia.com/Gathering-Storm%E2%84%A2-M... (when I said thick I meant it - they're thicker than most oven mitts). It worked when used with thinner gloves but did absolutely nothing when I tried to use it with those gloves, which I assume insulated my hands too well for the stylus to change the surface charge of the screen. Has...
    Google Glass

    by akb123

    I need help with getting Google Glass
    I have been accepted into the Google Glass family, but I need some help getting there!


    by VanDiesil

    Microphone for video narration
    Hi, I am looking for an inexpensive microphone for video editing use. It will be used in the "studio" (my office!) to record narration tracks to overlay on timelines in Premiere Pro CS6.
    I have tried cheap desktop microphones but the quality is not best with a lot of "noise".
    Anyone have any suggestions? Budget is as little as possible (no more than £30 or so preferably) as I don't do a massive amount of narration, but when I do I want it to be as clear as possible. Doesn't matter if USB or 3.5mm... Read more →
    Apple MacBook Pro 13-inch with Retina Display (late 2013)

    by Bdewaal

    Macbook docking solution
    I just got me a new macbook pro and I am in desperate need of a good docking solution at work. I would like to be able to still use my laptop as a second monitor. I've looked everywhere and I just can't believe it's the events not a good solution out there. Any suggestions?
    Apple iPad Air

    by camron

    Ipad Air Smart Case vs Smart Cover
    I recently bought an ipad air, and I'm trying to decide whether to get a smart cover or smart case. I don't want the extra bulk of the smart case, but the full protection is important to me. Also, I'd prefer not to get a 3rd party case, but suggestions would still be appreciated. If anyone who has one or the other could give me some advice, I'd appreciate it!

    by digdash

    Smartphone Camera Remotes
    What do you think of Smartphone Remotes such as this: http://damncoolgadgets.com/wireless-smartphone-cam... ? Would you invest in one? Is it needed? What do you think would be a better use of a remote bluetooth button?