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by sheriward

Need some advice on the best laptop backpack!
Been doing some research on some laptop packs as I just bought a MacBook Pro 15 and I need something I can travel with and use as my daily commuter to work. I love some of the luggage brands like Tumi and Briggs and Riley but they are so expensive. I've looked at Crumpler, Timbuk2 and STM. Actually the STM, Drifter looks amazing. Anyone have experience with this bag?


Appreciate any and all input.
HTC One (M8)

by CarsonTiffany

Which case is best for HTC One M8
Hey Guys, Recently, I bought one HTC one M8 case, but as you see, the metal case is big trouble to me.Hard to grip the phone. So i decided to buy one Plastic case for it. I find 3 cases online.
DOT VIEW CASE: http://www.amazon.com/HTC-Dot-View-Case-One/dp/B00IQIB5YI/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1406871448&sr=8-1&keywords=dot+view+htc+one+m8
  • CASECOCO CUSTOM CASE:http://www.casecoco.com/personalized-cases-for-others/htc-one-m8-casecoco-cases-165
  • Folio Wallet Case...
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    by Cod3rror

    USB Type-C, where is it?
    It was announced in April and the connector was supposed to be finalized and revealed in July, but nothing has been heard from it every since.
    Type-C connector and the USB 3.1 standard is the technology I'm most interested and excited about right now, followed by H.265, Wigig, SATA Express, DDR4 and super efficient, yet powerful ARM and Intel CPUs.
    It's supposed to be:
    • About the size of microUSB
    • Reversible and sturdy like Lightning
    • Nice click to it and tapered around the...
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    by PitPatPet

    Dog activity monitors
    Hey, I was wondering how much interest there is in pet activity monitors, with regards to Whistle or Fitbark? This is a purely selfish question, as we are planning to launch a similar product on Kickstarter.
    I think both of these products do what they say on the box, but the price tag is rather high, and the continual charging turns me off. Our product, PitPat, will be around $USD40 with a guaranteed battery life longer than a year.
    Do these products need more sensors in them? What would make you... Read more →

    by 2223hob

    Bluetoothing a device to a smartphone
    I have purchased a wireless HMDX jambox and am having trouble connecting wirelessly to my Nokia 630 phone, my phone asks me for a PIN number but the jambox says there is no reqirement for a password or PIN, it should connect automatically, any ideas?
    Razer Naga Epic

    by Quaddragon

    Where have all my wireless MMO gaming mice gone?
    With all the millions and millions of MMO players out there. There seems to be a real lack of wireless MMO gaming mice. As a matter of fact I can name one. The Razer Naga epic 2012 edition. While this is a great mouse it still its flaws. The side buttons are a bit hard to press and can move the mouse from time to time when you press them. The ergonomics leave a bit to be desired as well. While these are are things that have been fixed in the 2014 Razer Naga they have yet to be released in any... Read more →

    by MichealLovejoy

    Groove Smart Watch/Fitness Tracker
    What does everyone think about Groove its a pretty neat device, it looks good, you can help out your favorite charity which I think is great and totally awesome. I am really considering pre-ordering one. Just want your thoughts on the device I read about it on Connectedly

    by thechuckuk

    WiFi Connection between pc and tv
    I am looking for a simple solution to connect pc's, laptops, tablets to a tv wirelessly. Something that would allow the user to cast their screen to the tv.
    Nixeus Vue

    by RiseofGlory

    Nixeus Vue 27" 2560x1440p IPS Monitor
    Hey guys,
    i just picked up one of these monitors this week and i got to say i am so impressed that i had to post it up for others to know. The picture and color quality is amazing on this monitor. i did a little research before i picked up this monitor and it claimed to have same panels as apple and dell. i can reassure you that it does hold the same quality as said. I believe they only use grade A panels and above. 60hz 2560x1440 27" IPS Monitor with lots of great reviews and features. Has all... Read more →