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Razer Star Wars: The Old Republic Gaming Mouse

by Glider9

What mouse do I get
I'm going to get a new mouse but I don't know which one. Either the razer ouroborus or the Star Wars the old republic gaming mouse. I do play a bit of mmo but mainly fps which mouse would be better. Or any other mice that would be good for me
SteelSeries Siberia v2

by sgtszabi

Philips shg8000/10 or steelseries siberia v2 stereo
Hey guys, I wan't to buy a new headset for my PC and I can't decide between the Philips shg 8000/10 and steelseries Siberia v2 stereo. What do you think which is the better option?
Roccat Kave XTD

by AlejandroEOr

New Headset need advice: SS Elite VS Kave XTD 5.1
While looking for reviews on my upcoming gamer headset i found this page and the lovely reviews. Sadly the Steelseries elite wasnt reviewed as of yet or compared to the Kave XTD 5.1.
Im currently looking at these headsets and cant decide wich one to get…
I hope some of you can help me with some advice :P
I know that these headsets often get their ass handed by headsets from sennheiser and so on, but due to some good contacts i can get one of these headsets extremly cheap =) I cant comment... Read more →

by fusurugi

Wireless charging upgrade
I am looking for a wireless charging kit that lets me charge my sm-p600 (requires 5V/2A) since the absolutely awkwardly placed usb port starts to bend already after 2 months of using it every day.
Ideally I could simply plug it into the port and glue it to the inside of my case, but that's probably not gonna happen.


Samsung s3


by NicoBugarin

What phone do you use?
I just want to know what people use as their daily phone.

What phone do you use?
  • iPhone
  • BlackBerry
  • Samsung
  • LG
  • Nexus
  • HTC
  • Sony Xperia
  • Motorola
  • Nokia
  • (If not mentioned above please put the name of of your daily phone)
e.g. iPhone 5c, Samsung Note 3, Nexus 5 etc
Please share this discussion so people would see and answer.
Apple Magic Mouse

by PhilipPalermo

Magic Mouse-like alternatives for the PC?
Hi all,
I reached out to y'all for help looking for a mechanical keyboard a while back (thanks everyone!) and now I'm back with the next question: Who makes the best PC alternative to Apple's Magic Mouse?
A couple caveats:
I've actually come to like the Magic Mouse, mostly for its trackpad-like qualities. Like a lot of folks, I initially disliked the Magic Mouse (actually, I hated it at first), but I've changed my mind after about a year of ignoring it.
  • I'd love a PC mouse that fits my hand better...
  • Read more →
    Bluetooth headsets

    by whysgai

    Bluetooth Adapters
    Dear Engadget Community,
    I have Toshiba Satellite that came out in the last days of Vista, and before Bluetooth became a standard feature. While I upgraded to Windows 7 long ago, I have only recently begun looking into Bluetooth connectivity for my laptop. I'm looking to connect a Bluetooth headset and a speaker, as well as potentially a Dualshock 3.
    I was wondering if there were any particular adapters I should seek out or any lemons to avoid. Alternatively, if there is a better solution than... Read more →

    by xMatter

    Wireless Router
    I am looking for personal reviews of the best wireless router. At minimum, it must be 300 N capable, do not need AC or dual band. So far I have tried Hawking 300 N with Range Amplifier, TP-Link 1043 ND and 841HP, all with minimal luck. Scenario is this: I have a Hawking 300 N Repeater and I am looking for a good, consistent router for my mothers house which about 60 feet away (row home). With all routers listed, I get 3 bars on laptop on my front porch, and the repeater is placed right I side my... Read more →

    by PhilipPalermo

    Suggestions for a mechanical keyboard?
    So I may or may not have ordered parts to build my next desktop PC (spoiler: I did). I usually just import my old KB/mouse setup, but I'm looking into switching things up. Anyone have suggestions for a mechanical-style keyboard that's not terribly expensive... say $100 or cheaper?