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by LensFlare

Much needed improvements for Engadget apps
Hello dear Engadget!
Long time, as a road warrior/power user, I'm using (and rely on) your apps on different platforms: Android, WP, iOs, even Windows 8.
Just want to share my wishlist for those apps. Long time I've written comments on different app stores but that seems not a case. I think many of your users will agree with me: something should be changed here.
Starting with iOS.
Seems to me, you have 2 apps here, one for iPad and one for iPhone. Last time I've seen iPad app, it was the best... Read more →

by riccardoch

How can I submit my app for a review?
I'm the developer of iFeel Free - mood diary, a new Android app.
It's really difficult for indie developers get visibility and make our app popular; for this reason I'd like to know if Engadget allows developers to submit their app for a review.
Thanks a lot

by Topdogg8her

VIVO XPLAY 3S, can I use certain apps?
Hello im looking into importing a new phone from china, the VIVO XPLAY 3Sim unsure of a couple things, i know its not in uk yet but was wondering if anyone can help. I have heard that the playstore is not preloaded on the vivo xplay s3, I mainly use the spotify app for my music, will I be able to use spotify on this phone? would i need to download anything? Also if buying from china will the maps for the GPS be foreign or automatically change to uk maps if usimg phone in uk.? Thanks.

by Ruth

How do I send a photo from my Jitterbug to my computer?

by tvk

Camera to Tablet connection
My Canon 5D Mark II has an audio/video digital terminal "out" and a mini HDMI out and I want to connect it to an RCA 7Voyager Tablet....any ideas or cable manufacturing link...?

by CatherineMiles

Anyone here know TickTick?
I have been using to-do list app for years and after my favorite Astrid being acquired by Yahoo, I started hunting for alternatives. Todoist once worked fine and Wunderlist is also not bad. But now, the one I settled with is TickTick. When doing some search in Google, I am surprised to find out that this to-do app is not so well-known. But it is really a good to-do app worth trying. Anybody here ever heard of this app?
Look forward to discussing with you guys about how you use to-do app to stay...

by leipzipkiel

Do you use any cleaning App in your daily usage?
Hello everyone, I find there are so many cleaning App on Android, I have no idea to choose. Would you guys to give me some advice? Thanks!

by dave

What do you use to keep in touch?

There’s no shortage of messaging apps around. With things like iMessage, Google Hangouts, Facebook Messages, Whatsapp, Line, Path Talk, Snapchat and countless others, it can be a bit overwhelming to figure out how to properly contact your friends. What’s the primary way you text or chat with others on your mobile devices and how did you choose it? Is it based on what your friends were using? Did you decide based on features?
Ion Audio iCade

by StriderHiryu

Best Retro Video Game Set Up for Jailbroken iPad?
Looking to jailbreak my iPad air and make it into a portable retro video game machine. What are the best arcade and console emulators and bluetooth controllers to use?