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by ayonson

how to track my HTC Sense that has been stolen
my HTC Sense has been stolen with a lot of information i need

by thebestappgames

Have you played Empire Rome Rising?
If you have played Empire Rome Rising, lets review this game here.

by SocialMusker

Growing Messaging Apps Industry
Hello Everyone, I am recently got tensed about for the mobile operators companies, in their future revenue!
You know that there are lot of Messaging Apps has been launched every month in an average from whole over the world like tango, WhatsApp voice call integration, imo, SnapChat, etc. and many much more.
Actually I want to know from this discussions that, how the mobile operators like Vodafone, airtel, Telenor etc. generates their profit in the near future apart from the aggressive growing of... Read more →

by thebestappgames

Websites which provides genuine apps reviews
Lets discuss the websites which provides genuine apps reviews to its users

by contentrifi

Do we even need wireless carriers?
With all the messaging apps out there, VOIP and cloud phone services; what's stopping us from just going with something like Line2 or other competitors?
Apple iPhone 5

by sn12

using a smartphone with no service provider
I am trying to see if I can use a smartphone without buying service for it in the US. Like no service providers and just working using wi-fi. I am planning on getting a used Android or iphone and doing this. I use google voice anyway for my daily texting/calling (currently using an aged BB n laptop). My question is can I do this using a smartphone? and just buy Ting service when I am travelling/as needed. What do I look for in the phone? does it definitely have to be unlocked? Can I still... Read more →

by Luncrzs

An app to use large screen EASILY!
Hello everyone,
Here's an app that you can manipulate large screen never easier before. After starting up, an dot appears on your screen and you can just swipe out from the dot to access everywhere on the screen in a minimized region. You can adjust how much the screen is minimized for your best experience.
Also, common task, such as click left up corner, swipe down, swipe to the right, home button, return, and tasks list can be accessed by only one click at the dot on your screen.
Many impressive... Read more →

by ismartpc

What do you think of speakofit app for android?
I am disappointed with this app. Bought the premium for $18.00 dollars, contacted the developer and nor response. What is strange is it has many happy reviews. Am I missing something? Installed it yesterday -
Google Android Wear

by Neerajch

Best Must Have Apps For Android Wear
When ever you unbox your smartwatch and simply connect it with your Android Device, all your appsautomatically becomes your Android wearable’s Apps. You will get all your alerts, notifications on your smartwatch. But there are also apps that are completely dedicated for your wrist. Here I am listing down some of the best app for your Android Wear.