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by Buzzngail

MMI codes for U Connect
I have a Moto G phone that I tried to sync or pair with my U Connect system in a Ram vehicle. I can receive incoming calls, but when I use voice commands for outgoing calls, the system says it doesn't have an MMI Code. Should I delete the existing info and pair again? Wouldn't that give me the same results? How should I proceed?

by Neerajch

Best Designed Reminder Apps for Android
Forgetting things has always been one of most common problem faced out by us “HUMANS”. We are always in some kind of rush which result in so many things left behind. We keep on forgetting things. We forget to drink,eat,sleep and much more in our daily life. The real problem arises when we forget to do some important tasks, which can be calling a friend, Sending text to our loved ones, sending out emails to your superiors, Business partners, Clients and much more.
We all need someone to manage... Read more →

by dave

How do you convince your friends and family to use password managers?

Some days it seems like hackers are leaking passwords out from every corner of the internet. Password security is something that a lot of us need to take more seriously and there are a number of tools aim to make it much easier. Hopefully, you're using something to generate unique passwords for the services you use. How do you convince your closest friends and family to do the same?

by dave

Police officers are trying to sabotage Waze with phony reports
Last month, the Associated Press reported that a number of officers have expressed safety concerns with the service’s reliance on crowdsourced data for speed traps. (http://www.engadget.com/2015/01/26/police-see-waze-as-threat/)
It turns out that a few police officers are taking matters into their own hands and flooding the service with bogus reports of police sightings.... Read more →

by Madeleine

Apps for travellers
Hello, I'm looking for cool apps for travellers. Last year I was in Paris with TravelbyArt app and I might say I loved this way of sightseeing! If you know any apps for travellers please let me know. They don't have to be in Europe.

by goRGon

Innovative localization approach powered by Amazon Music
Yesterday I've tried an Amazon Music Android app and was shocked that to launch it I must change my phone's system language. They allow my device to have only a specific language. Even English (Canada) users are not allowed to launch the app.
Everybody who doesn't have a language that Amazon allows end up with the following screen:

by jhonsimith

I am looking for Mobile Games where I can earn money
I am a big fan of games and i am searching games apps for my samsung mobile.
I want games with earning, i mean i want to earn with my gaming habit. If any one have any games which can make a handsome amount for me kindly share with me here. Links will be more appreciative.

by LensFlare

Much needed improvements for Engadget apps
Hello dear Engadget!
Long time, as a road warrior/power user, I'm using (and rely on) your apps on different platforms: Android, WP, iOs, even Windows 8.
Just want to share my wishlist for those apps. Long time I've written comments on different app stores but that seems not a case. I think many of your users will agree with me: something should be changed here.
Starting with iOS.
Seems to me, you have 2 apps here, one for iPad and one for iPhone. Last time I've seen iPad app, it was the best... Read more →