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by johnhelsell

What's the future of Mobile Banking Application Development?
Everyone here, who use to complete their task in a faster way, with the help of most common thing “smartphones” one can easily & efficiently do all. We all know that most of us spend more than an hour a day with our smartphones. So, having a customized app in respect of daily performing tasks helps a lot for us all.

by BJSzo

Apps that can repurpose an out-of-cycle Android phone.
Old Android phones are still usable in most cases. What are some good apps/applications for them? Some sites say to make them dedicated TV remotes (yawn), or dedicated GPS's (my new phone has that, thanks), but what are some actually novel uses for an old Android phone. Apps that let services be run? Apps that can change celery into money? What are some good ideas?

by bubblepops

my camera was reversed after rebooting it. how can i fixed this?
After rebooting my samsung galaxy tab I thought it was okay. But some problems shows up. Please help me to fixed.this.

by johncolucci

Facebook Messenger: Give in, or say goodbye
Last month, Facebook announced that users would need to download a separate Messenger app if they wanted to continue exchanging messages on their phone. (Our story: http://engt.co/1mWcRv8)
The social media juggernaut says the goal is to make Messenger "the best mobile messaging experience possible," but for the most part, this shift has angered users who don't want to be forced into using yet... Read more →

by kris

How would you fix Swarm/Foursquare?
Back in May Foursquare announced that they were splitting their app into two, keeping place recommendations with the Foursquare while shunting check-ins over to a new app called Swarm. Now that the summer's almost over and we'd all had a few months to adjust to this new way of doing things, how's it going for you? Did you even install the new app, or are you holding out as long as... Read more →

by Jooeeyy

What's your record?
I just played the new game Like A Boss... Thats a really cool mix of minigames and a simple game idea.
My Score is 451.. Whats your Highscore?

If you dont know what I mean:

by Romulus

My million download app is removed from Google Play due to ridiculous reason
I am the Developer of Meridian Player, with five year history and more than six million download on Google Play.
Yesterday I get this mail:
This is a notification that your application, Meridian Player Transcend, with package ID org.iii.romulus.meridian, has been removed from the Google Play Store.
REASON FOR REMOVAL: Violation of the spamprovisions of the Content Policy. Please refer to thekeyword spam policy help article for more information.
Do not engage in "keyword stuffing" by loading app... Read more →

by dave

What are the best travel apps for smartphones?
In a few weeks, we'll be leaving on an epic vacation to Southeast Asia. In the meantime, I've been searching for useful applications that will help us get around and understand things while traveling abroad. Do you have any good recommendations? Share them in the comments below!
Here's what's on our phones so far. (I apologize for the iOS centric nature of my list -- it's what we're traveling with!)
FlightAware (free / Android, iOS):... Read more →
Google Android 4.0 (Ice Cream Sandwich)

by dave

Why do some Android apps require way too many invasive permissions?
Facebook's Messenger app wants access to basically everything on your phone. All of it! There's some commentary that seems to be popping up implying that this is a new thing and (rightly or wrongly) paints Facebook in a negative way.
The thing is, I feel like this sort of thing has been happening for a long time with Android apps. I think there's 2 ways to look at it:
  1. The cynical view that the companies want to mine all your data, ALL...
Read more →