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by Met

What's the oldest password you remember?
I'm sure we all had some pretty bad passwords when we were first introduced to the internet. What's the oldest password you still remember? Any other humorous ones you remember?
Oldest I remember: samaisthebomb (I was dating a girl called Sama at the time)
Humorous ones:
I went through a phase of making passwords for my work email (passwords expired monthly) that started with qwert or just qwe. Some of the more memorable ones include:
qwertle (was thinking of Squirtle, one of my fave Pokemon)... Read more →

by dave

Do you use a password manager?
That is a generic screenshot of 1Password. Fear not, it's not my data. :)
It seems like there's a new security breach at a different website every day. Besides being an inconvenience at best and a nightmare at worst, a particularly troubling is that all these leaked passwords floating around have given hackers better strategies for cracking passwords: http://lifehacker.com/5937303/your-clever-password-tricks-arent-protecting-you-from-todays-hackers
Everyone I talk to... Read more →
Apple iPhone 5

by dave

RBI Baseball '14 is here!
Fans of old school gaming consoles and baseball know there's always been one baseball game that stands out in terms of sheer fun: RBI Baseball on Nintendo. Released in North America way back in 1988, it became one of the most popular baseball games at the time.
More recently, the game gained notoriety when someone recreated Game 6 of the 1986 World Series, famous for the Mets come from behind victory when Red Sox first baseman Bill... Read more →
Google Chromecast

by vize

Amazon Fire TV apps
If you were to use Amazon Fire TV SDK and develope an app or a feature... What would it be?? Basically put... What feature of your android phone would you want see on a bigger screen

by Mudassar

Memory Utilization
How do you utilize your phone memory in a better way ?

by TgD

I ditched iPhoto, and feel much better about it.
I have been an iPhoto user since I got my first Mac in 2006. Since then it has grown, and grown, and today it was sitting at a healthy 33GB. I used iPhoto as an album management solution as well as minor edits (rotation and red eye). I value my photos and have them backed up in time machine and in the cloud using Mozy. Thus it seems my requirements for a photo application could better be served by something more lightweight.
If you open up the file structure of the iPhoto Library, what you will... Read more →

by marysmith

Securing your smartphone like never before
There may be a new cell phone manufacturer in the smartphone market that is prepared to keep your information safe at all costs. Many of the companies have banded together to prepare kill switches in smartphones that have gone missing, which would shut the phone off if it were ever stolen. But Boeing has taken it a step further with phones that will self-destruct.
All about the phone
If you take a look at the new Boeing smartphone, you’ll get a bulkier phone that may not look quite as advanced... Read more →
Google Chromecast

by milleph

Mono - Music App with Chromecast functionality
Mono, the Android music app, now supports Chromecast. Build playlists from a reference database of all releases, top tracks on Last.fm and Billboard, explore music by genre, nationality, mood and more and then choose the media source for each track from YouTube, Soundcloud or local files. http://mono-cloud.appspot.com

by sarahluo

Android games app
I like play Console Games but i don't want to pay for it, i just want to play the free games, how about you ?

by astinos

Cellphone case
Does anyone know where I can find a case that'll hold two phones (work and personal) and won't fall apart on me? I'm using a moto x and S4