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by johncolucci

Which music might Apple force onto iTunes subscribers at its October Special Event?
At Apple's Special Event on October 16th, we're expecting to hear about "new" iPads (you know, the ones that were "leaked" not too long after Google announced its new Nexus line). We're also expecting some news about iMacs possibly and who knows what else.
If you remember Apple's 9.9.14 event, the company forced a copy of U2's 'Songs of Innocence' onto every iTunes user. Apple was hoping everyone liked the Irish rock band but clearly, some weren't... Read more →


So do I!


by MitchSmith13

College career path
Hello everybody,
I am reaching out to all of you because I know that people here can help me. I absolutely love engadget. Reading the articles, reviews, news, product info, etc. I am going to be a sophomore in college and my question is regarding majors and classes. What should I be doing in order to prepare myself for a job writing reviews and testing products for a website like engadget? I know journalism is an option, but my school also offers an interactive media studies major called... Read more →

by kris

Show off your tech tees!
As someone who's worked in various tech- and gaming-related jobs, it should be no surprise that I've accumulated a few tech- and gaming-related tees. Well, more than a few. Okay, a lot. I have a lot of tech tees in my drawer. Actually, I have a lot of t-shirts in general. But not all tees are created alike -- some t-shirts just get worn more than others, either because of the occasion (concerts, conventions, parties) or because I just like some of them more.... Read more →
Microsoft Windows Phone 8.1

by TgD

What's the smallest UI design flaw that bothers you most?
(1000th discussion post! Yay!)
I think I have found mine. I've been using Windows Phone 8.1 for 2 weeks now to give it a trial run (side note: I'm liking it for the most part!)
However, I think whoever designed the messaging UI must have not tested it very well. The thing that is absolutely infuriating me is that the 'send' button is pretty well right on top of the software back key. It is brutal! I frequently either:
1. Hit back when trying to send a message, closing... Read more →

by kris

Anyone else bothered by the digital 'enhancements' on FXX's 'Every Simpsons Ever' marathon?
We're in day two of FXX's 12-day Simpsons marathon, where they're showing every single episode of the, starting with season 1 all the way through season 25. That's 552 episodes! As I write this we're in the second half of season three.
I've been enjoying watching these episodes, as there are plenty of classic moments I can quote verbatim -- "Dental plan! Lisa needs braces!" -- and I haven't seen some of these episodes in over 10, even 15 years. But one thing has... Read more →

by dave

Are my Cat 5 ethernet cables pretty useless?
Bear with me here, as this isn't my strongest area of knowledge and I'm looking for some better explanation.
While looking through random boxes in the basement recently, I stumbled across some piles of Cat-5 ethernet cable. I feel like the only type of ethernet cable I see laying around anymore is Cat-5e (and in rare cases, Cat-6) -- which I thought was capable of handling higher data rates.
However, looking at the Cat-5 wikipedia page, it seems to imply that's it's... Read more →
Apple iPod touch 4th-gen

by Ianny

What are some of your favorite tech podcasts?
I've been looking for something new to listen to lately, and I realized I've fallen out of listening to any tech podcasts on a regular basis. Does anyone have any good ones to recommend? So far I listen to Tom Merritt's Daily Tech News Show about once a week or less, and that's just about it. I used to be a TWiT listener, but that got stale.
I mainly listen to shows on my iPod Touch while heading to work, but I do occasionally listen at work as well, and I can watch a video show or two...

by kris

What are your favorite weird or obscure cable channels?
Last week, our own Zach Honig spotlighted some of the weirder and more obscure cable channels that cable subscribers might find while channel surfing, including One America News Network and the American Heroes Channel. While I don't find every single channel on the list to be strange or redundant -- I happen to enjoy watching concerts on Palladia, for one thing... Read more →