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by johncolucci

What crapgadgets will you miss the most on SkyMall?
Goodbye to the original in-flight entertainment platform, SkyMall. The Arizona-based purveyor of crapgadgets has filed for bankruptcy according to a report from the Wall Street Journal. (story: http://engt.co/1CvSlNU).
Full disclosure, I have a personal history with SkyMall. When I worked for Virgin America in 2010, my then boss and I worked on a project to bring a digital form of the SkyMall catalog to the seatback in-flight entertainment system (video: http://engt.co/1CKVuXM). As part of our... Read more →

by g525548

How to remove footer menu from blogger.com's default template!
Every default blogger template has a footer "Attribution - 1" which show "Powered by: Blogger.com". Blogger has used "macro" to lock this section. There are many posts how to remove this section from the template but all of them shows the same way. Just to make the locked section "False" while in "Edit HTML" mode. But since blogger using macro, after removing the footer menu, when the page is reloaded, the footer menu comes back to its own place. I am showing you the way to permanently remove... Read more →

by dave

Improving my coffee game through technology
The last few months have been pretty awesome for my coffee game. Between gifts from our wedding, Christmas presents, and my birthday, I’ve started to build up quite a collection of devices to help feed my caffeine addiction.
  • Chemex
  • Aeropress
  • Variable temp electric gooseneck kettle
  • Digital scale with timer
It’s been awesome and fun experimenting with different ways to make coffee and see how it affects some of my favorite types of... Read more →

by dave

Sony Pictures cancels 'The Interview' after vague threats
After receiving some ambiguous threats from the people behind the hacking of Sony Pictures, and a number of national theater chains refusing to show their new movie, the studio has decided to pull the release of upcoming Seth Rogen and James Franco commedy, "The Interview."
I figure this is ripe for an interesting discussion since many of us here really enjoy both movies and... Read more →

by dave

How do you get your kids interested in coding, science, or technology?
A number of technology companies have hosted Hour of Code events during Computer Science Education Week (running now through December 14th). We even got into the festivities here at AOL and hosted a number of middle schoolers from San Francisco and gave them an introduction to robotics!
There's been a big push to get more students interested in STEM related subjects and things like Hour of Code are a fun way (for teachers, parents, and students) to get involved.
I... Read more →

by jaimeLn

What apps do you use to cash in on your car?
If you live in a big city like San Francisco, owning a vehicle can be a nightmare. Because it’s more than just braving the traffic and keeping an ever-vigilant eye out for careless pedestrians.
It’s the parking and lack thereof. It’s the parking tickets. It’s the obligatory $220 you drop on... Read more →

by dave

What's the oldest item in your Amazon wish list?
My sister recently called me out while browsing my public Amazon wish list. She was looking for some holiday gift ideas and noticed that it contained a lot of cruft that included obsolete gadgets, books that are no longer in print, and random clothing items for past traveling adventures.
She had a good point. So, earlier today, I set out to clean up my list and discovered the oldest item that I had saved. Apparently, I was adding some college text books to my list way back in 2005 when I studied... Read more →

by dave

What do you love to “hate watch?”

Hate watching: it’s a term to describe those shows that you just really don’t enjoy anymore, but for some reason, you can’t quite stop watching it. Maybe you just want to make fun of it, or you’re just in it to finish the story,

It seems like everyone has at least one show they still hate watch. What are yours?

by dave

The trailer is out for Jurassic World! Are you ready to go back to Isla Nublar?
The trailer is finally out for Jurassic World, the long awaited (and some would argue, proper) sequel to 1993's Jurassic Park. The original movie (and book) had a profound effect on me as a kid -- it was easily one of my favorite movies and books of all time. Plus, it had amazing dinosaurs. What's not to love??!
Anyway, check out the trailer here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RFinNxS5KN4&hd=1
Holy crap. I'm ridiculously excited for this. Hollywood, please don't... Read more →
Apple iPhone 4s

by johncolucci

Show us your badly damaged phone!
The phone you see here isn't something a friend pulled out from a closet to show off their once broken phone: it was the phone they were using inbetween losing another iPhone and waiting for a new iPhone to come in the mail. You've got shards of glass peeking out on the top and cracked glass throughout, not to mention -- the risk of electrical shock. Quite a sight to behold.
Seeing this made me... Read more →