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Camera lenses

by coolreader

Can we request a review of a certain product?
I've been looking for a lens kit for my iPhone. I noticed that Engadget has reviewed the Olloclip which is pretty much the go to standard, but there is also a much higher end (and more expensive) option called the iPro Lens.

Anyways, for some reason, it seems to get very little exposure and I can't find more than a few reviews for it , so I just wanted to say it'd be really cool if Engadget could review it at some point, maybe when the iPhone 6 and/or 6 Plus version arrives.

by fuzzywuzzy

Did I enter the giveaway right?
I've been entering giveaways for a few months now but I have no idea if it actually went through. When I check my facebook account, the activity log says I haven't given any likes in months. I just use facebook for these giveaways and don't use it for anything else so not too good with

by theocanada

Adding products on profile doesnt seem to be working
Am I missing something? I click edit, it sates drop a product in, but there are no products

by Philthy82

Every story plays an invisible video ad that can't be muted or turned off
Loading any article in Engadget at the moment is playing the sound for a video ad (an Australian Vodafone ad for me in Melbourne) but there's no visible video, ad or most importantly button to turn the bloody thing off that I can find.

Really cramping my sneaky Engadget reading at work style!

Already reported this to AOL a few days ago but no reply from them.

by Some1Somewhere

Comments not appearing on one particular article

The show/hide comments button just changes the amount of white space by about one line.

Happens on:
Chromium Version 37.0.2062.94 Ubuntu 14.04 (290621) (64-bit)

Firefox 32.0 Ubuntu 14.04
Chrome 37.0.2062.120 Win7

Also, please don't use "ms" to refer to minutes. It's completely and utterly incorrect.

by Ordeith

Engadget App broken again?
The last story on the app is the Notion Ink Cain. And it says it is up to date, even when manually refreshed. No new stories are coming through.

Hope this gets fixed. I greatly prefer the app to the website after the website breaking changes that were implemented.

by korg

Broken commenting system
The commenting system is really broken. Your replies doesn't show up right after you comment and sometimes the are shown duplicated (although that's not true).

Today I receive an email that 3 people replied my comment, but when I go to the article, they are not there!

The article http://www.engadget.com/2014/09/18/nvidia-maxwell-flagships/
My username: korg250