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by LensFlare

Much needed improvements for Engadget apps
Hello dear Engadget!
Long time, as a road warrior/power user, I'm using (and rely on) your apps on different platforms: Android, WP, iOs, even Windows 8.
Just want to share my wishlist for those apps. Long time I've written comments on different app stores but that seems not a case. I think many of your users will agree with me: something should be changed here.
Starting with iOS.
Seems to me, you have 2 apps here, one for iPad and one for iPhone. Last time I've seen iPad app, it was the best... Read more →

by FreshJr

Comments get cutoff on engadget mobile
The initially loaded comments seem fine. The issue seems to occur when you load more comments. The screen gets redrawn and the comments trail off the right side of the page. You cannot pinch to resize the page either. The issue is more apparent in nested comments. See the picture below.

This was using an iPhone on iOS 8.1 using both safari and chrome.

by arcasinky

Comment count strangeness
Anyone seeing strangeness when trying to view comments? Example: main page says a particular news entry has 50 comments. Click the view comments link. As per usual, only 3 or 4 are shown but there's a 'show more' button. Click that. Button disappears but doesn't show any more comments. Any ideas?

by sudhanvenkat

upgrade from my Netgear N300
I am trying to upgrade from my Netgear N300 (JWNR 2000 V2). I will have the router connected to my desktop and will have close to 3-4 mobiles phone & tablets, 1-2 Laptops and a SMART TV connected to the router. The router will typically be placed in the room distant from the hall which is the other side of the house (roughly about 5-7 meters away). Have shortlisted a couple of options WDR4300 (60$) / Archer C7 AC1750 (80$) / Linksys N900 (105$), which of these would provide a good range and...

by darryljackman

Engadget Login Problem
I registered an account, and when i try to login, the login button simply does nothing..


Using an Acer V203H monitor as a TV screen
I am trying to connect an Acer V203H to Strong SRT7000 DVR to watch andd record live TV. I am using an AVI to HDMI adaptor but only getting "No signal" message. Have also tried to connect to Teac STB USING VGA to VGA cable and getting "Iput not supported" message. Can not even get the OSD to display. Can any please help.

by jaimeLn

What apps do you use to cash in on your car?
If you live in a big city like San Francisco, owning a vehicle can be a nightmare. Because it’s more than just braving the traffic and keeping an ever-vigilant eye out for careless pedestrians.
It’s the parking and lack thereof. It’s the parking tickets. It’s the obligatory $220 you drop on... Read more →

by jaimeLn

What gadgets are you thankful for? We pick this turkey drone.
The holiday season has us feeling nostalgic, so we’re taking a look back at the Engadget archives. (From 11/25/2010:
The tech landscape changes so rapidly, it can be pretty incredible to see how quickly an idea morphs from a prototype to a fully functional piece of equipment. Take this turkey drone, for instance. On this week, four years ago, we were chuckling at the concept of a... Read more →

by fish212

Synchronize engadget account across devices

I love engadget and read on my tablet pc and phone.
However i wonder if it is possible to somehow save articles to my account so i can open them up on any device?

If i save an article in the android app of my phone (by clicking the little heart) it is not saved in the android app of my tablet. And both devices have engadget as synced accounts in android, but i don't see where i can log in on the android app...

BTW i live in Belgium