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by Jeaniedb13

Acer iconia A1 830
I just want to know if anyone can tell me where I might can buy the Acer Iconia A1 830. I've searched the internet for it and can't find where to purchase one. If you know this answer could you please email me at billingsley.jenny@yahoo.com. I would really appreciate the help

by Andrew7783

No one can see my comments.
Can someone help me? It seems that my comments only appear to me when I'm logged on, and no one else sees them. It's very frustrating since I try to participate in discussions but I'm literally just talking to myself.

by Ordeith

Help with a ban, and a feature suggestion
I have a recent ban from commenting on articles but I don't know the cause of it. I have asked the banning moderator for copies of the offending comments, something I could see as an example of where I went wrong and what was not allowed, but have not received anything.
I have been a reader and commenter at Engadget for most of its 10 year history, and since the LiveFyre change have commented more than 5,000 times.
That history, and this experience, leads to my suggestion:
In an effort to make the... Read more →

by Ordeith

Sorting Options
It looks like sort by: date is sorting by the date the discussion was started, or the date of the first post.
Is is possible to get a sort by date of last activity?

by Onebeachbumm

Lack of help!
I joined this morning 3/3/14 because of an article on Yahoo about the Note II and how it should be improved, but in order to comment or post anything, I had to join Engadget. I joined, did my confirmation, and then went back to Yahoo to finish reading the article....... WHAT ARTICLE...WHERE DID IT GO? Did a search on Yahoo and could not find it, went to Engadget and searched and still could not find it. Selected HELP on the bottom of the welcome letter and it just takes me to the home page with... Read more →

by dave

Engadget at 10: When did you first start reading the site?

10 years ago, a little tech blog launched that would go on to changed the way we consume technology news on the internet. Happy Birthday to Engadget!

When did you first start reading the site? Are there any particular stories or moments that stick out for you over the last 10 years?

See also: http://www.engadget.com/2014/03/02/today-is-engadg...


by Rev01Yeti

What are welcomed gadgets on Engadget?
It's clear that Engadget hosts a lot of gadget data pages of fresh, high-tech, trendy devices like Samsung smartphone, Apple tablets and things like smart watches.
But I would like to know what other kinds of digital devices are welcome? Are there any requirements regarding age, brand, country of origin, or production numbers? Personally I feel that there is place for older dumbphones, CRT monitors, and low-end low-cost tablets and smartphones that are still used by a lot of people outside... Read more →

by NicoBugarin

What phone do you use?
I just want to know what people use as their daily phone.

What phone do you use?
  • iPhone
  • BlackBerry
  • Samsung
  • LG
  • Nexus
  • HTC
  • Sony Xperia
  • Motorola
  • Nokia
  • (If not mentioned above please put the name of of your daily phone)
e.g. iPhone 5c, Samsung Note 3, Nexus 5 etc
Please share this discussion so people would see and answer.

by JimBocho

Pages we like - gone
Hi all,

the old engadget page had a "pages we like" section, including a pretty good home diy site - does anyone know which one that was?