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by Aminojaku

I can see my posts, nobody else can see them
Why are none of my article comments being seen by anyone else. I can see them when I am logged in but they are not there if I check the article comments when not logged in.

by Aqua1ung

Banned from "The Verge"
Guys, something wonderful has happened, and I feel the need to share it with everybody. I have been banned from "The Verge"! It finally looks like I am doing something right! My postings have finally managed to step on some Verge moderator's toes, and I can only congratulate myself for that! There can be no better validation of the fact that I am on the right track from multiple points of view. Here's the banning message, in all its glory:
"You have... Read more →
Sony PlayStation 3 (PS3)

by matistry

NBA 2K15 Platform Discussion
As a faithful Playstation devotee for the past eighteen years, I find myself interested in buying the new PS4 despite my waning attention to video gaming in recent years.
However, I find myself figuratively salivating after seeing the gorgeous screen caps for NBA 2K15.
Sound Off:
1 - What do you think is the best platform for this game?
2 - Would I sacrifice too much (e.g., graphics, game play, experience, etc.) if I were to just purchase the game for PS3 which I already have?
[This was my first...
Camera lenses

by coolreader

Can we request a review of a certain product?
I've been looking for a lens kit for my iPhone. I noticed that Engadget has reviewed the Olloclip which is pretty much the go to standard, but there is also a much higher end (and more expensive) option called the iPro Lens.

Anyways, for some reason, it seems to get very little exposure and I can't find more than a few reviews for it , so I just wanted to say it'd be really cool if Engadget could review it at some point, maybe when the iPhone 6 and/or 6 Plus version arrives.

by fuzzywuzzy

Did I enter the giveaway right?
I've been entering giveaways for a few months now but I have no idea if it actually went through. When I check my facebook account, the activity log says I haven't given any likes in months. I just use facebook for these giveaways and don't use it for anything else so not too good with

by theocanada

Adding products on profile doesnt seem to be working
Am I missing something? I click edit, it sates drop a product in, but there are no products