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by dave

Issues logging into your Engadget account to comment or post new discussions? Read this!
We've been getting some inquiries on why people aren't able to log into Engadget. Here's a quick explainer on what's happening.
Since Engadget merged with gdgt last year (wow, back in November of 2013), there have been two separate log in systems for interacting with our site. One system is for the Engadget forums (where you're currently reading this post) and the other is for Livefyre (where you leave comments below news articles).
It's annoying, confusing, obnoxious, and something that's on our... Read more →

by jaimeLn

What gadgets are you thankful for? We pick this turkey drone.
The holiday season has us feeling nostalgic, so we’re taking a look back at the Engadget archives. (From 11/25/2010:http://engt.co/1CiKIMl)
The tech landscape changes so rapidly, it can be pretty incredible to see how quickly an idea morphs from a prototype to a fully functional piece of equipment. Take this turkey drone, for instance. On this week, four years ago, we were chuckling at the concept of a... Read more →

by fish212

Synchronize engadget account across devices

I love engadget and read on my tablet pc and phone.
However i wonder if it is possible to somehow save articles to my account so i can open them up on any device?

If i save an article in the android app of my phone (by clicking the little heart) it is not saved in the android app of my tablet. And both devices have engadget as synced accounts in android, but i don't see where i can log in on the android app...

BTW i live in Belgium

by 404pageerror

8pt EyeStrain
I have been reading Engadget nearly every day for years.

I guess I assumed that there has been enough comments about the readability of the articles that it would be obvious that the current font makes readability a serious issue and would be fixed(changed). On both my home and work machine the font is too thin to enjoy the articles without having to zoom and/or squint.

Leaving for now, I'll check back every now and then to see if things has changed but sadly I'll have to find a new daily reader.

by dave

Engadget Expand is happening this weekend!

Are you in the NYC area? Engadget Expand is happening today and tomorrow. Head over to Javits Center and say hello! If you do make it out, let us know about the coolest things you've seen!

You can also keep up on the action here: https://tagboard.com/expandny/195272

by loamX

price alerts
i signed for a price alert on a camera and today i got a price alert that the camera was at 569 but just a few days ago and for 4 days total the price was 499. i did not get a price alert for this low price that i would have made a move on. can anybody tell me why i was not alerted about that 499 price? i checked my spam and my trash.

by dave

FYI: Image uploading is currently broken
If you're trying to add (or update) the avatar for your user profile and nothing seems to be happening, it's because it's currently all borked up. :(


We're investigating the issue and hope to have a fix soon. Sadly, this is also affecting image uploads for all new product pages as well.


by dave

Problems with your Engadget Forums account? Read this!
Alright! So, we had a pretty crazy influx of spam this weekend. After digging around and doing a better job of locking down some things, we ended up banning around 2,500 user accounts that were created this weekend. Crazy, right?

Anyway, it’s quite possible that if you created an Engadget Forums account this weekend, you were innocently caught up in this ban.

So, are you having trouble logging into your Engadget forums account? Email me and I’ll take a look: dave@engadget.com

by dave

FYI: Engadget Forums are currently down
We've taken to Engadget forums down for a bit while we investigate some issues related to a high rate of spam hitting the site.

We'll update when we have more info. Thanks for your patience!