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Microsoft Xbox One

by bittercold

Looking for XB1 Destiny Friends for Heroics/Queens Bounties
Title say it all. I am a adult military gamer and my GT for XB is Eques A Spe. I need help with heroics and gearing up. Thanks.

by antonisk

Clash of Clans
Is this a "never ending story", what will be next a map expansion pack?
Microsoft Xbox One

by bkeif

Xbox One Survey
Just wondering for those of you willing to shell out the cash for an Xbox One, was it worth it? Any thoughts, disappointments, surprises?

by blamb21

eSports and its spot in todays culture
As someone who has been inside and out of the competitive world, I actually thing eSports becoming mainstream is a great idea. ESPN President recently said that "Gaming is not a real sport." What are your guys' thoughts on this? If bass fishing, poker(!), and other events that are continuously shown on ESPN can be considered sports, why not games like Call of Duty, Starcraft, Dota?
Nintendo Wii U

by Yaanu

Watch_Dogs on Wii U
Given the news that the DLC for the game will not be included in the port[1], coupled with the already mixed-to-low reviews of the game for PC and other consoles, not to mention the fact that the port has been delayed for several months, how poorly do you think the game will be received when it finally hits shelves?

[1]: http://www.nintendolife.com/news/2014/09/wii_u_ver...

by guitata

the sims freeplay
any cheat of money/LP/XP in the sims freeplay except xmodgames?

by Korgoth

Bigoted featured comment
I'd like to know why Engadget featured this comment:
"This is the same misguided and knuckleheaded mentality that's out there "swatting" people. There's very little thought before action when it comes to gamers: in game, and out."
For the story:
When it clearly is bigoted against gamers and goes on to paint this stereotype of gamers as thoughtless, misguided, knuckleheaded hate and rage filled individuals.
I'd like to think that... Read more →
Sony PlayStation 4 (PS4)

by Met

Want to Play Destiny... Which Console to Buy?
I've never really been a PlayStation guy.. Went from SNES to N64 to Xbox to PC (and almost bought a 360 many times). Especially for an FPS, I think there is no better controller than the sexy Xbox controller.
I played the Destiny beta on the Xbox. I liked it there. I want to get it on the Xbox. However, I looked through the game library of the Xbox and there doesn't really seem to be many good games out. I'm not really an FPS kinda guy. I prefer action/adventure games along the lines of Ninja... Read more →
Yobo FC Game Console

by fonzsolo

Yobo FC Power
Need to replace a power supply for my yobo FC and I need to know what voltage I need in the U.S.