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by jreurin

Have you done a course to develop games?
I want to know opinion of people about the courses for develop games and if it is hard the job of game developer. I'm thinking on doing this course , what do you think about it?

by thebestappgames

Call of duty MW3
How many of you like this game and also share some of the glitches faced during the game

by APliskin

What do you think about a gaming social network?
Hey what do you guys think of a gaming social network, there's this website called:

For a website still in beta it looks pretty feature rich.

by AnnMarieVGP

A research project about gamers and character strengths : we need your participation !
Greetings gamers,
We are recruiting participants for a new research project about video gamers. This study aims to describe video game players in a different light by focusing on character strengths. We are interested in your character strengths, your gaming preferences and in what motivates you to play. If you are interested in participating in this study, please click on the following URL address: Additional information will be provided for you... Read more →
v-moda Crossfade LP

by Riddiskel

V-Moda Crossfade LP with Boom Pro Headset and Gaming with them!
I've been using the Crossfades for gaming for a couple of days now, and I'm super impressed at the sound quality. I've had these headphones for a while now and I've only used them for music while at work, but I had no idea of their real capabilities.
Getting down to the meat of my big issue here, I'm inclined to get a Boom Pro headset so that I can interact with other players whilst gaming, but my main concern is whether or not it will actually work that way. The Crossfades came with a cable... Read more →
Sony PlayStation 4 (PS4)

by nia

Cloud Gaming 2
Is "virtual reality gaming" the next version of cloud gaming.

by mattimatt12

Best gaming headset?
As the title says, i want the best headset for gaming. I want a comfortable headset with, good sound, mic, noise reducing/cancellation, 7.1 and it does not matter if it is wired or not. Also the price does not matter. Which should i buy and why?
(sorry for my bad english.)

by jhonsimith

I am looking for Mobile Games where I can earn money
I am a big fan of games and i am searching games apps for my samsung mobile.
I want games with earning, i mean i want to earn with my gaming habit. If any one have any games which can make a handsome amount for me kindly share with me here. Links will be more appreciative.
Apple iPad 2


I've got a problem with a game
I hace got an iPad 2, iOS version 8.1.2, jailbroken, and want to download a game called the survivor, I downloaded it, everything was going right until I clicked New Game, it was loading, and then, it crashed. Is there any Cydia tweak that can allow me to play that game even though I got an iPad 2?
Amazon Fire Game Controller (WR26UR)


availability of amazon controller
I ordered this controller from amazon Dec 26h, and they delayed delivery until April - May. I'm not a gamer at all, but got the amazon TV and thought the controller would be neat. Anyway, is there another controller that I could get now, instead of waiting until Spring.