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Sony PlayStation 4 (PS4)

by nia

Cloud Gaming 2
Is "virtual reality gaming" the next version of cloud gaming.

by mattimatt12

Best gaming headset?
As the title says, i want the best headset for gaming. I want a comfortable headset with, good sound, mic, noise reducing/cancellation, 7.1 and it does not matter if it is wired or not. Also the price does not matter. Which should i buy and why?
(sorry for my bad english.)

by jhonsimith

I am looking for Mobile Games where I can earn money
I am a big fan of games and i am searching games apps for my samsung mobile.
I want games with earning, i mean i want to earn with my gaming habit. If any one have any games which can make a handsome amount for me kindly share with me here. Links will be more appreciative.
Apple iPad 2


I've got a problem with a game
I hace got an iPad 2, iOS version 8.1.2, jailbroken, and want to download a game called the survivor, I downloaded it, everything was going right until I clicked New Game, it was loading, and then, it crashed. Is there any Cydia tweak that can allow me to play that game even though I got an iPad 2?
Amazon Fire Game Controller (WR26UR)


availability of amazon controller
I ordered this controller from amazon Dec 26h, and they delayed delivery until April - May. I'm not a gamer at all, but got the amazon TV and thought the controller would be neat. Anyway, is there another controller that I could get now, instead of waiting until Spring.
Nintendo New 3DS XL

by kris

Is it a mistake for Nintendo to not include an AC adapter with the New 3DS XL?
Yesterday Nintendo of America finally announced that the New 3DS XL was coming to North America, which is great news. But the company isn't including an AC adapter in the box, which is... not so good news. Nintendo says it's to keep the price down and hey, most people would already have the AC adapter from their 3DS or 3DS XL, right?... Read more →
Sony PlayStation 3 Slim (PS3 Slim)

by kris

Operation Finish all the Games, December 2014
So, here we are again, my monthly wrap-up of the games I've played and finished in the past month. It was intended as a sort-of New Year's Resolution, which means that this installment, the 13th in a 13-part series, is the last. While I certainly intend to play video games in the future, I will no longer force myself to do it in order to fulfill a quota. I still have plenty of games I'd like to play, and will certainly endeavor to reduce my backlog, but now it no longer has to be my first... Read more →

by dave

Fun games for the whole family?
With the holidays fast approaching, the wife and I are traveling down to Southern California to spend some time with the family. Sure, it's fun to catch up with long lost relatives and see how much my nephew has grown up, but I don't want to get stuck discussing politics with Grandpa all afternoon.
So, how do I keep sane? It's game time! Preferabbly games that involve the family (I've tried Cards Against Humanity with my parents --... Read more →
Nintendo 3DS

by kris

Operation Finish all the Games, November 2014
Welcome to the twelfth installment of my quest to
So, one more month and I'll finish out the year. If I succeed, this could be the first New Year's resolution I've ever seen through to the end. Shocking!
Just to recap, these are the rules I set up for myself:
  1. Beat or finish one game a month. That means main story mode with credits scroll in most cases.
  2. Side-quests and post-story content don't have to be...
Read more →

by Geeny

Any retro games for JXD S7800B?
I love playing retro games on my JXD S7800B from jxdofficial.com. All retro emulator games can be played on it. Now i am looking for awesome games. Do you have any to recommend?