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Microsoft Xbox 1st-gen

by playcrazy

Worst Video Games
What is the worst video game you ever played? I went crazy because of Drake of the 99 Dragons
Nintendo 64 (N64)

by rchiiibob

I want to play PilotWings 64 while I commute!
I used to really enjoy playing Nintendo’s PilotWings 64, back in the day!   Flying the Rocket Belt around, exploring and looking for those gold stars.   Shooting Mario out of the cannon, and making the face on the mountain change into Wario!   Cool stuff!   I wish it were available for me to play now, on my Samsung Galaxy S3 phone, running Android 4.3.   I tried playing it using an emulator, but the gameplay was awful!   The sound was horrible, all scratchy and stuttery.   The... Read more →
Apple iPhone 5

by dave

Do I have an unhealthy fear of in-app purchases?
I think it's pretty common knowledge that I love playing games in various forms and on various platforms. Consoles, PCs, mobile devices, and even board games.
While browsing through the App Store, I noticed a new game that seems pretty awesome. Virtual multiplayer jousting! Being obsessed with things like Game of Thrones and other medieval high fantasy genres, this is something that should be an immediate download for me.
Of course, I click it and see that it's free.... Read more →
Nintendo 3DS

by kris

Nintendo Strikes Back: What do you think of Nintendo's E3 announcements?
No, Nintendo didn't announce a new Super Mario Strikers game (though the timing would have been great), but they talked about a whole bunch of other games and products worth getting excited about -- but are they enough to revive the flagging Wii U?
Biggest on the slate was something we all knew was coming -- Nintendo's NFC figurines, known as "amiibo." Amiibo are very similar to Skylanders and Disney Infinity, though right now they look to be more of an add-on to compatible games than the center... Read more →

by dave

E3 is here! What has you excited?

Arguably the biggest gaming event of the year has arrived and Microsoft is kicking things off with their Xbox keynote. What are you excited to learn about and play?
Nintendo Game Boy 1st-gen

by johncolucci

It's Tetris' 30th Birthday. What are some of your memories?
Tetris just hit a milestone and joined the "30" club. It's not a bad place to be, I begrudgingly joined it myself a few weeks ago. But enough about age and our progression towards receiving those tasteful AARP cards in the mail, let's talk blocks.
As Daniel Cooper reported today (http://www.engadget.com/2014/06/06/happy-30th-bir... the relatively simple (but also challenging) game was born out... Read more →

by kris

Of the '1001 Video Games You Must Play Before You Die' how many have you played?
So the other day I was walking through an Urban Outfitters (I know, I know, ugh) and I spotted Tony Mott's 1001 Video Games You Must Play Before You Die (published in 2010) on a table. I've seen this book before and I've always been a bit curious, especially in tallying which games on the list I've played. Now, I'm not going to buy a book just to satisfy a minor flash of curiosity, and my local library system doesn't seem to have it (I might... Read more →

by playcrazy

Scary Video Games
Hello guys,

I really like scary stories and horror movies. So i started playing scary video games. So far i like System Shock 2 and Clock Tower but i need more stuff. So please tell what do you recommend?

Nintendo DS Lite

by kris

Operation Finish all the Games, May 2014
So it's a few days late, but you'll have to forgive me -- I was out last week, and yesterday was Apple day: http://www.engadget.com/event/wwdc2014/articles/
So anyway, it's time for the latest update on my quest
Six months down and still doing this! If this was a New Year's resolution, it would be the most successful attempt I've ever made. Which might be why I didn't make it a resolution, because I actually wanted to stick with it.... Read more →
Nintendo Wii U

by dave

Share your impressions of Mario Kart 8!
*tap tap* Hey, is this thing on?
Whenever I talk about Nintendo, it sounds like the audience gets smaller and smaller. We know this, Nintendo knows this, and despite this, they keep on keeping on.
No matter though, Nintendo recently released Mario Kart 8 for the Wii U! Those of us who grew up playing the original Super Mario Kart on the Super NES have very fond memories of the game. So, how does Mario Kart 8 compare to that classic game of the past?
If you've purchased... Read more →