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Consoles (home)

by IntrepidChuck

Audio Mixer with simultaneous payback
Upon setting up my Xbox One/computer/TV setup, I ran into an issue with audio. I want to be able to play sound from multiple sources simultaneously, and control the volume of each separately. Does a device exist that can accept multiple audio sources like digital optical, anolog RCA, or 3.5MM jacks? Also, support for at least two line out jacks would be sweet as well. I found this mixer as a reference to start.

by swiessenberg

HD home theater projector in a small room
I have a small room I want to put a hd projector with a fixed screen in a small bedroom. What is the best solution for a good HD picture in a small room?

by dave

Has on-demand video changed how you watch streaming content?
Last month, Netflix released the third season of House of Cards to the masses. All 13 episodes of the show were available at once, letting viewers binge-watch the entire season in one sitting if they desired. In fact, Netflix has done quite a bit of this with original content they've created or licensed (see Arrested Development, Orange is the New Black, The Killing).
Has this trend of releasing all episodes of a show at once changed how you watch original content... Read more →

by shekarn

my denon avr 4808ci hdmi is not working
if i connect to rca cable it is working, digital functions not working

by beanum

I am ready to purchase a 4K TV around 80"
I am going t buy a 4K TV looking for something around 80" +- a little. Not sure which one to go with. I have been researching for sometime and am stuck between Sony XBR-79X900B and the Samsung 4K UHD HU8550. The Samsung is 6" bigger and doesn't have those huge speakers on the side that Sony has which is nice. The Sony specs make me think it may have slightly better picture quality. Any guidance from someone more Tech Savvy then my self would be much appreciated
Lenovo Yoga Tablet 2 Pro

by eccentrocity

Tablet Home Theater?
I just saw an ad for a Tablet from Lenovo which has a built in projector, does that thing actually work? What do people use it for?
Microsoft Windows 7

by Spiderkid

Is it still worth it to build a Windows Media Center PC?
After removing DVR from my household to shave the cord (wife still needs live Bravo and E!), I've realized how much stuff is missing from Netflix and Hulu+. I would use my Apple TV and iTunes, but I'd like not to pay $60 a season. Is it still worth the money to build an HTPC on Win7 with a Ceton Echo and an InfiniTV? I would use Win8.1, but I don't want to buy 3 Xbox 360s, and the Echo is cheaper.
Synology DS415+

by OneManTeam

Media Server Recommendations
I'm currently working with someone to help decide on a home media entertainment solution. The client currently has 4 TV's all with Apple TV, 3 iPad's, 2 iPhones, client has a PC laptop (using Office and iTunes, and the wife has a PC laptop. The client wants to be able to share/edit videos/pictures internally and externally. The pictures and videos are extremely important to the family. I've been researching a solution for about a month now and I think the Synology 415+ would do the job.... Read more →

by Mantene

Best setup for a new Kodi HTPC box?
I would like to replace my current, old, busted, HTPC set up. The USB ports no longer work. The dvd drive barely opens enough to get place in the disc. It has gone through several moves and has been a bit abused. So, it is time to move on. I would like to stick with Kodi (formerly XBMC) and I would like to have a blu-ray drive, but otherwise, I am open to suggestions as to what the box should include, hardware-wise! Please help.

by brrbtr

Looking for a good value in a 55"-60" TV
I don't need or want 3D (eye issues prevent me from seeing it!). Just a good quality, good value TV in this range. Smart TV would be good, but not required. Keeping it under $1000 would fit my idea of value, too.
I know there are at least twice as many opinions as there are people...