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by enget

Asus G50V plugged In, Not Charging
- Asus G50V
- Not Under Warranty
- Replaced Battery about a month ago with Asus G50V Battery
- Clean the Circuits to battery
- Screw Down The DC Port Under Inspiron Sign Inside Computer
- In one post it said to reset the battery settings but not AC settings.
- Removing and Inserting AC Adapter -- In Sexing Style -- Which Is Temporary Working For Me.
One day after all was good the Plugged In Not Charging came up (AGAIN). I came up to a post to keep removing and inserting my ac adapter in my... Read more →

by kabiniq

HP ProBook 6570b Laptop Battery User Tips:
1. How to keep HP ProBook 6570b battery healthy?
Laptop battery packs should be charged for 12 hours when you first get them. Laptop batteries are completely discharged at the time of purchase, and need a full charge before their first use.
2. How to Extend the HP ProBook 6570b Laptop Battery Life
According to statistics, a typical laptop battery last long for 500 charges / discharges cycles. If you want yourbattery for HP ProBook 6570b to last longer than this number, remove the battery whenever... Read more →

by zhenai

DELL Alienware M17x Series laptop battery tips :
1 . Do not short-circuit . Short - circuit may cause severe damage to the battery of your laptop.
2 . Store in a cool, dry place ( suitable temperature is about 15 ℃ . Prior to storage , you must ensure that the battery is not completely discharged . If empty, charge for about 30 minutes.
3 . General Lithium - ion DELL Alienware M17x battery should be stored at about 40% state of charge of the battery laptop batteries self-discharge can...

by kris

Do you give your computer a name?
I've had a computer for over twenty years now, and I remember when it was de rigeur to always give your machine a nickname—maybe after your favorite sci-fi or cartoon character, or maybe even a beloved relative. Now we might replace our devices on a yearly basis, and it seems silly to give them names since, after all, why get sentimental about something that's going to be replaced in short time for something slightly better?
I don't replace my devices that often, though, and as I consider... Read more →

by scherm

Dell Latitude E6400 battery replacement doubts
Hi all
I have a two year old Dell Latitude E6400 laptop. For the past couple of months, the battery has begun to seriously deteriorate in performance... If the laptop is switched off with full power, by the time I boot, only 5 minutes is now available before it turns off...
Hence, I am looking at replacing the battery. The following are my doubts
1. The laptop was purchased in the US. Will there be any difficulty getting replacement battery here?
2. Should I contact Dell or will local stores have... Read more →
ASUS Zenbook Prime UX31A

by frankspin

Does a product's repair score really matter to you?
iFixit has become quite popular, and their teardowns of newly announced products always grab the attention of the tech world. Their most recent teardown of the newest Retina model Macbook Pro unsurprisingly scored a 1, and of course it's causing a bit of a stir. While they are often interesting since they provide a real good look at the product, do these teardowns serve any form of relevance anymore? Especially for products like the... Read more →
Drobo Mini

by dave

The most epic SSD yet: Who wants 960GB of flash storage?
I call this Armpit of Death bait:

A 960GB SSD from Other World Computing. I could go for a few of these in the ol' PC:


Only $1,200!

AND: It's a 2.5" drive, so it's perfect for your new Drobo Mini (or 'old school' MacBook Pro)!