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by uscardcode

What is the best free voip applications on iPhone
Hi all
You don't mind if i ask you please show me which one is best free voip application on iPhone exclusive Viber
Because when i use viber app it is always disconnection after 5 minutes
Please help me
Thanks all
Apple iPhone 5s

by CarlaofMINI

How to Display Embedded Tables on an iPhone?
Hello, we have many, many viewers reading data tables on their iPhone 5s (some have 6s) but the data is truncated and hard to view. Can any of you tell us a proper fix for this?

Outside of upgrading the team to iPads or 6s any advice is welcome.

MINI thanks!

by choud23

Up and Away app
Hey all,

A friend of mine has just released their new app 'Up and Away' available on iOS devices now. If any of you are after a quick, simple new game then give it a try and let me know your thoughts!

Thanks and happy gaming!


App Store link:

by UncleSamy

Best Free Apps
Hi there, I'm interested in different applications to have fun and I am looking for like-minded people:) I'm curious to know what apps do you like? What apps do you recommend to have fun in free time? Lets chat:)
Recently I found a cool app - Photolamus. If you want to get a cool caricature of any of your photos - it's exactly what you need! They are represented on iTunes and Google play: Read more →

by SocialMusker

Growing Messaging Apps Industry
Hello Everyone, I am recently got tensed about for the mobile operators companies, in their future revenue!
You know that there are lot of Messaging Apps has been launched every month in an average from whole over the world like tango, WhatsApp voice call integration, imo, SnapChat, etc. and many much more.
Actually I want to know from this discussions that, how the mobile operators like Vodafone, airtel, Telenor etc. generates their profit in the near future apart from the aggressive growing of... Read more →

by thebestappgames

Websites which provides genuine apps reviews
Lets discuss the websites which provides genuine apps reviews to its users
Apple iPhone 5

by sn12

using a smartphone with no service provider
I am trying to see if I can use a smartphone without buying service for it in the US. Like no service providers and just working using wi-fi. I am planning on getting a used Android or iphone and doing this. I use google voice anyway for my daily texting/calling (currently using an aged BB n laptop). My question is can I do this using a smartphone? and just buy Ting service when I am travelling/as needed. What do I look for in the phone? does it definitely have to be unlocked? Can I still... Read more →

by zcopper

why there is no hand gesture on iphone 6 plus?
Just got my new iphone 6 plus and very excited. Since I also own a ipad, i tried to use the same hand gesture on iphone 6 plus as i think its screen is big enough to allow doing that. But sadly, it does not work. Does anybody know good app to enable this to do the same thing on ipad? Thanks!