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GoPro Hero3+

by tobiasg

I can't believe how small the updated model is!
Here it is next to a credit card for scale http://digital.photorecommendations.com/recs/2013/...
Sony Cyber-shot RX100 II (RX100MII)

by kingofkats

How does this compare to a Nikon d7000?
I know this may sound like an idiotic question, but hear me out, I've got a DSLR and find myself using my HTC One instead -- partly because it's always with me, but also because it's light, pocketable and CONNECTED. I'm wondering if the RX100 II could give me close-to-DSLR quality with smartphone connectivity. THANKS!

by nikonwhore

new GDGT categories- flashes and tripods?
Hey guys! I posted this question to the mods, and they got back to me saying that its not in consideration now, but might be later in the future.

I feel like my flashes and tripods are an integral part of my photography kit and would be a great addition to the GDGT database. What do you guys think?
Nikon D3100

by piers

What's the best zoom lens for the Nikon D3100?
So, I took the leap towards DSLRs and got the D3100. I was happy with my Coolpix L110 bridge camera but wanted something a bit more professional. My experience with SLRs before the D3100 was the 80s Olympus OM10, making me completely new to the world of DSLRs.
The L110 has a 15x optical zoom, which was fantastic. However, the quality of photos wasn't as fantastic, and I disliked the lack of control I had over what the camera thought was a good shot. While I'm waiting for power adapter to charge... Read more →
Sony α NEX-5N

by kris

Did you migrate back to Flickr?
Anyone who was on the Internet last week probably heard about the changes to Instagram's Terms of Service, where they say they can sell your photos to advertisers and other such commercial interests... at least, that's what everyone was going around saying. The Verge laid it out here:
Eventually they reversed course on the changes, but maybe it was too little, too late:... Read more →

by Ryudo

Best HD camcorder for 200$ or less
I have a budget of only 150$ to 200$ and just need a decent HD Camcorder. 720P is fine, I just need it for Youtube videos.
Canon EOS Rebel T4i (650D)

by cjtylr

Canon's T4i - the first touchscreen dSLR
A couple of weeks ago, Canon introduced the T4i (or the EOS 650D, depending on where you live) to the world. It's the first dSLR with a touch screen, and the reviews are raving about it. You can touch to focus, touch to take a shot, pinch to zoom on photos you've already taken, use your finger to slide through photos (like on any modern smartphone), and you can use it to silently adjust settings during video capture. Reviewers are hailing this as the beginning of the merge between... Read more →