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by dave

What's a good homepage for your browser?
When Google killed off "iGoogle" a few years ago, I was pretty disappointed. It was the default homepage that loaded up every time I opened my browser. The fact that you could customize it with all sorts of information that was relevant to you was probably my favorite thing about it: Gmail, calendar, important news, weather, etc. The overall looks were a bit spartan, but you could choose from various themes as well.
I thought it was a great alternative to the web... Read more →

by johncolucci

Today is the 4th Anniversary of the 1st Instagram
On July 16, 2010, Instagram co-founder Kevin Systrom took a picture of a golden retriever at a Baja, CA taco stand, with a guest appearance by his girlfriend's foot. This was the very first "Instagram" ever taken. Today, Instagram users have shared over 20,000,000,000 photos to date and each day, 60,000,000 more are added.
Our first "real" Instagram (we're @Engadget on there, by the way) ... Read more →

by dave

Is the password *really* dying? And is it really an inconvenience?
Christopher Mims of the Wall Street Journal believes that the password is dying. Thanks to things like two-factor authentication, he's so confident in how irrelevant passwords have become, that he's sharing the password to his Twitter account:
The password to my Twitter account, which has been mine since 2007 and through which I have published more than 51,000 tweets, is "christophermims." Knowing that won't help you hack it, however. In fact, I'm publishing my... Read more →

by johncolucci

The perils of crowdfunding
Contributor JC Fletcher breaks down the world of crowdfunding in "What you need to know about Kickstarter, Indiegogo and the concept of crowdfunding." (http://aol.it/1jjLpMF)
We planned to run this article this week anyway, but coincidentally, you might've heard about one man's desire to make potato salad (http://aol.it/1qrUEZW). Zack Danger Brown has become a bit of a celebrity, turning what was a small goal to make the famous side dish into a... Read more →

by dave

Comcast's Xfinity routers create a public WiFi network using your own WiFi
Comcast has done either an ingenious or scummy thing, depending on how your view it. They've enabled a feature on their wireless routers that turn your network into a public wifi hotspot.
They claim that these hotspots are walled off from your personal network, nor do they affect your allocated bandwidth.
I've actually seen a number of these hotspots around our neighborhood in Oakland. From neighbor's houses, to a cafe (that doesn't have a publicly open WiFi network),... Read more →

by agastya71

Recommended sites / resources for teaching elementary kids coding?

I am trying to find some good sites/services that would be recommended to teaching Elementary school kids (3rd grade +) programming/coding it could deb concepts of programming or actual programming itself.

I have come across MIT's Scratch. Are there other such sites/services that are recommended?


by dave

Wiping out my browser's bookmarks
This weekend, I decided to do something drastic. I basically deleted nearly every single bookmark I've managed to accumulate through nearly 2 decades of browsing (interestingly, it was "only" about 950 bookmarks). I've noticed that besides the bookmarks that I frequently access in my bookmarks bar (a few news sites, tools for managing Engadget forums, etc), I really don't use my bookmarks at all.
In fact, if I want to revisit some site I found interesting in the... Read more →

by dave

What are some good browser extensions to protect your privacy?
Companies like Twitter, Facebook, and Google (not to mention all sorts of various ad networks) create cookies that track you around the entire internet and basically build a ridiculously accurate profile of your interests and habits. Facebook's recent news about "bringing a more personal touch to ads" (my B.S. alarm going off like crazy) reminds me that I should probably figure out how to lock down my browser. (More news on Facebook's new ad policy here:... Read more →

by kris

A startup will sell you quarters for your laundry
Washboard.co is a startup that will sell you $10 worth of quarters for $14.99 (or $20 in quarters for $26.99) for the purposes of doing your laundry. The idea being that it's incredibly hard and/or inconvenient to get quarters for laundry machines, despite the fact that you're already taking your clothes to a laundromat and washing and drying and folding your laundry yourself. You are basically paying what is essentially a 50%... Read more →

by dave

Currently reading: Hatching Twitter by Nick Bilton
So, I finally, FINALLY finished the fifth book in the Song of Ice and Fire series. Good God, it was a huge slog to get through. Between this book and The Kingkiller Chronicle series, I've spent enough time in medieval fantasy lala land. It's time to get back to the real world!
Yes, the real world. Where things are disrupted, people are crushing it, everything is "amazing" and paradigms, platforms, and products are optimized for a mobile-social-collaborative world.
Or... Read more →