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by jerryshaw

Which is the best asset management software?
I have small business setup and in need to manage my assets and specially vehicles tracking and fleet matters, here I would invite the best software suggestions and experiecnes. I have heard about fleet management software powered by Vinity Soft Inc. (http://www.vinitysoft.com) If anybody has experience with this software or some other best one please share.

Your views 'll be highly appreciated. Thanks in advance.

by ihlayyel

how can i view the old articles ?
currently i am conducting experiment about some products. i would like to scrape the data from to 2006 to 2010 lets say that i would like to search for sony products. i would like view the news and comments for each article.

by dave

How do you get your kids interested in coding, science, or technology?
A number of technology companies have hosted Hour of Code events during Computer Science Education Week (running now through December 14th). We even got into the festivities here at AOL and hosted a number of middle schoolers from San Francisco and gave them an introduction to robotics!
There's been a big push to get more students interested in STEM related subjects and things like Hour of Code are a fun way (for teachers, parents, and students) to get involved.
I... Read more →

by jaimeLn

What apps do you use to cash in on your car?
If you live in a big city like San Francisco, owning a vehicle can be a nightmare. Because it’s more than just braving the traffic and keeping an ever-vigilant eye out for careless pedestrians.
It’s the parking and lack thereof. It’s the parking tickets. It’s the obligatory $220 you drop on... Read more →

by bizzip

Local entertainment app which benefits local communities
I have recently been developing an Iphone (and eventually android) application which aims to raise the profile of all forms of local entertainment in the UK from both the side of the talent and the venue. The focus is on talent which is not usually given the recognition it deserves and provides a platform to advertise to anyone who has the app.
Our aim is to create a UK wide database of small local acts, artists, performers and venues whose work is not usually recognised in the mainstream media... Read more →

by dave

Does Uber's behavior make you want to hitch a ride with someone else?
Image via Jason Cipriani/CNET
Uber's been on a pretty bumpy road this week. A few highlights:
  • Using 'God View' to track journalists.
  • Executive implying they should dig up dirt on reporters critical of the company.
  • A French promotion to pair riders with "hot chick" drivers recently came to light.
The company has traditionally had a fairly cavalier attitude... Read more →
Microsoft Windows 8.1

by Ordeith

PSA: Patch your systems
Windows Admins, See KB 2992611 and get yous systems patched. It's a doozy.

More info at Ars:

Samsung 4G LTE Mobile Hotspot (SCH-LC11)

by dave

Hotspots? Are they still cool?
Among the many many many things that our smartphones have replaced (seriously, see this Radio Shack ad from 1991: http://www.engadget.com/discuss/this-is-awesome-ev... ) includes a more recent invention — the cellular hotspot.
Both my iPhone and my iPad have hotspot capabilities and I’ve found myself using one of those two devices to connect my computer to the internet... Read more →

by kris

Where do you go for sightseeing tips?
Nicole Lee's recent piece about Findery (http://www.engadget.com/2014/09/24/findery-the-cr... got me wondering: what is the best way to get sightseeing tips when you're traveling... or even in your home town? Not a place to get restaurant recommendations -- that's what we have Yelp for, and Foursquare is trying to do this as well -- but a source on what places to visit, things to see, ways to have fun and... Read more →

by ArrDub

Ello: Facebook Alternative?
Has anyone else seen the free* FB alternative Ello? Thoughts? Where is the money needed to support something like this coming from?