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by kris

Would you ride Leap or other startup bus services?
Catching a cab used to be a real pain (if not impossible) in San Francisco, which is why startups like Uber (and Lyft) were created and became successful. Uber now operates in over 100 cities across the world. And now, there are several new services attempting to "disrupt" the transportation industry again, this time setting their sites on another maligned aspect of SF life: MUNI. Some of these challengers... Read more →

by dave

Resources for learning to code?
This year, I've been trying to spend a bit more time on something that's been a not-so-serious hobby for me: coding. Given the opportunity, I probably couldn't code my way out of a box, but it's still something that I've always found really interesting, and even empowering. In the past, I've written a few PHP scripts to help generate weekly community reports that I'd send to management and that... Read more →

by dave

Has on-demand video changed how you watch streaming content?
Last month, Netflix released the third season of House of Cards to the masses. All 13 episodes of the show were available at once, letting viewers binge-watch the entire season in one sitting if they desired. In fact, Netflix has done quite a bit of this with original content they've created or licensed (see Arrested Development, Orange is the New Black, The Killing).
Has this trend of releasing all episodes of a show at once changed how you watch original content... Read more →
Apple Watch

by savant42001

Too Much Apple Talk
I've been AFK for a couple of days for various reasons and was playing catchup with the last couple of days postings. I have one gripe. WHY IS EVERYTHING ABOUT APPLE. I get that they're huge and that there are a lot of people who may very well be interested but can they not have a special tab or something? It shouldn't require so much scrolling to ignore the apple watch.

by dave

How big is your personal animated GIFs folder?
Sure, GIFs come to us from another time and dimension (the 1980s, dude). But to this day, they are a key glue that binds the Internet together, making friends out of enemies, silencing trolls, making it easy to get points across (if a picture is worth 1,000 words, how many words is a GIF worth) and just generally contributing to happiness.
Anyway, animated GIFs are pretty easy to find, with services like Giphy and Google Images providing a filter for animated images.... Read more →

by Jotunhammer

what happened?
I am gone for 6 month and when I try to check up on the lastest in mmo news, on massively.joystiq.com I get to this gadget site that has very little to do with mmo games at all, it is more a shop page iwht gadget here and there, what happend to the game reviews, the news from the mmo world, upcoming patches etc?

by jerryshaw

Which is the best asset management software?
I have small business setup and in need to manage my assets and specially vehicles tracking and fleet matters, here I would invite the best software suggestions and experiecnes. I have heard about fleet management software powered by Vinity Soft Inc. (http://www.vinitysoft.com) If anybody has experience with this software or some other best one please share.

Your views 'll be highly appreciated. Thanks in advance.

by ihlayyel

how can i view the old articles ?
currently i am conducting experiment about some products. i would like to scrape the data from to 2006 to 2010 lets say that i would like to search for sony products. i would like view the news and comments for each article.

by dave

How do you get your kids interested in coding, science, or technology?
A number of technology companies have hosted Hour of Code events during Computer Science Education Week (running now through December 14th). We even got into the festivities here at AOL and hosted a number of middle schoolers from San Francisco and gave them an introduction to robotics!
There's been a big push to get more students interested in STEM related subjects and things like Hour of Code are a fun way (for teachers, parents, and students) to get involved.
I... Read more →