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by xVxM4tthewxVx

Should I Trust Password Managers?
I'm sure you all have heard of Password Managers, That little icon that sits on your Browser add-on bar, and remembers all your passwords for you. But can we trust them? Are they really as secure as they calm them to be?

Leave your thoughts below!

by johncolucci

How do you keep up with that honey-do list?
You might have been boxed into using whatever project/task management software your company is willing to pay for. Maybe it'sAsana, Basecamp, Trello, Todoist, or some form of an in-house solution. But what about your life tasks, like remembering to pay bills or weeding the garden?
For the better part of a year, I was using Asana and things were going ok, but I just grew frustrated with the functionality, so I tried using Evernote as a task management tool. Needless to say, Evernote can be nice... Read more →

by dAvidHussy

Microsoft's touch-first Modern Office suite gets revealed!!
Hi everyone,
This my first post on Engadget Forums. I have been on some other tech forums before, the verge, wpcentral and others..lets start :)
So, earlier today I was searching on google for nokia xl and a website named "gdgt arena" came up. i clicked on it and there was a post about Nokia XL. When I went to their homepage, the site had a post including some picture of Microsoft's Office Suite modern one (under works!). I am not sure if they are real or fake..but if you want, have a look:...

by dave

Is there a solid desktop chat client for Google Hangouts?
I chat online a lot. Like tons! Between coordinating dinner plans with the fiancée, chatting with coworkers about technology news, and complaining to friends about my favorite baseball team, I find myself bouncing back and forth between my Gmail window and apps like Adium throughout the day.
The thing I like apps like Adium (or Trillian, Pidgin, iChat, etc...) is that I can carry on a conversation without losing focus... Read more →

by Met

What's the oldest password you remember?
I'm sure we all had some pretty bad passwords when we were first introduced to the internet. What's the oldest password you still remember? Any other humorous ones you remember?
Oldest I remember: samaisthebomb (I was dating a girl called Sama at the time)
Humorous ones:
I went through a phase of making passwords for my work email (passwords expired monthly) that started with qwert or just qwe. Some of the more memorable ones include:
qwertle (was thinking of Squirtle, one of my fave Pokemon)... Read more →

by dave

Do you use a password manager?
That is a generic screenshot of 1Password. Fear not, it's not my data. :)
It seems like there's a new security breach at a different website every day. Besides being an inconvenience at best and a nightmare at worst, a particularly troubling is that all these leaked passwords floating around have given hackers better strategies for cracking passwords: http://lifehacker.com/5937303/your-clever-password-tricks-arent-protecting-you-from-todays-hackers
Everyone I talk to... Read more →

by normanpritchard

Backup and recovery solution
Need a laptop recovery solution. Can't bring in the IT dept since its personal. What are your suggestions? Don't mind spending money. Encryption would be nice.


Samsung s3


by NicoBugarin

What phone do you use?
I just want to know what people use as their daily phone.

What phone do you use?
  • iPhone
  • BlackBerry
  • Samsung
  • LG
  • Nexus
  • HTC
  • Sony Xperia
  • Motorola
  • Nokia
  • (If not mentioned above please put the name of of your daily phone)
e.g. iPhone 5c, Samsung Note 3, Nexus 5 etc
Please share this discussion so people would see and answer.