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by frankspin

What services do you happily pay for?
I got the idea for this from Macdrifter (http://www.macdrifter.com/2014/11/the-annual-inte... Here is what the author said:
Every year around December, I assess my business arrangements with Internet subscription services. It's easy to forget about reoccurring expenses. I keep a spreadsheet of all subscriptions so the review is pretty easy. It's the maintenance and cutting the service that tends to be the hard part for me
Sure, it looks like a lot of money. That's... Read more →

by larock0wns

Windows App Store Down
Looks like there is an issue with the App Store. Can't install any apps or look at Account/Purchase History. My log shows problem connecting to https://f2.ws.microsoft.com/v6/ClientWebService/cl... also others reporting same issue.
Microsoft Windows 8.1

by Ordeith

PSA: Patch your systems
Windows Admins, See KB 2992611 and get yous systems patched. It's a doozy.

More info at Ars:


by Stamper5

Looking for feedback on binary code sharing web application
Hey everyone! I'm looking for feedback on my site (https://libstash.com) to hear what you think about it and how we can make it better.
We made it for faster uploading, downloading, and easy sharing of binary code. No install required, no frills, just the code. Transferred with a license, but no readme or anything else--just the code. Please let me know what you think.
Our idea was to have more people sharing code with each other, so we don't have to keep rewriting code that someone else has...
Microsoft Windows Phone 8.1

by vishnuteja

What do you want from Microsoft Windows Phone OS ?
Well comparatively, Windows Phone OS has least share in the market but there are many lovers of it like me.
In the world of patents and copyrights issues, and tough war b/w iOS & Android features and UI's, Microsoft has set the standards for a different approach in the entire design.
The design and performance of Windows OS is so unique that it can fit any hardware. The design guidelines were so unique unlike other OS'es which puts Windows apart from all. The uniformity in all apps is so... Read more →
Microsoft Surface Windows 8 Pro

by joberti

Concept Map for Windows Surface Pro 3
I am looking for a Concept Map application that I can use on my Surface Pro 3. I want to be able to take advantage of the stylus and the touch screen. It could be either an online or desktop app. I am looking for something affordable to free, no monthly subscriptions. Any thoughts?
Kwikset Kevo

by anishsomani

Security Solution using smart phones
Recently loads of start up have come up related to door locks, bicycle locks etc. and using a smart phone and apps to open them up or locks them with a bundle of other features in it.
Well its an awesome idea and looks like, its been grabbing loads of attention these days considering the increase in number of smart phone usage in daily life.
But one gap which we would notice is that each of these startups are meant for a particular element; be it a door or a bicycle.
How about combining all the... Read more →
Microsoft Windows 7

by dave

How do you make sure apps are up-to-date on your computer?
With OS X, the App Store has provided an easy way to keep track of updates to various applications and make sure you're always running the latest and greatest software.
However, not all the apps on my computer have been purchased through the App Store. And this obviously doesn't help with Windows applications. There are a number of third party applications that have their own update modules -- but these don't generally run unless you open up the app. So, if there's... Read more →

by xVxM4tthewxVx

Should I Trust Password Managers?
I'm sure you all have heard of Password Managers, That little icon that sits on your Browser add-on bar, and remembers all your passwords for you. But can we trust them? Are they really as secure as they calm them to be?

Leave your thoughts below!