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by LensFlare

Much needed improvements for Engadget apps
Hello dear Engadget!
Long time, as a road warrior/power user, I'm using (and rely on) your apps on different platforms: Android, WP, iOs, even Windows 8.
Just want to share my wishlist for those apps. Long time I've written comments on different app stores but that seems not a case. I think many of your users will agree with me: something should be changed here.
Starting with iOS.
Seems to me, you have 2 apps here, one for iPad and one for iPhone. Last time I've seen iPad app, it was the best... Read more →
Microsoft Windows Phone 8.1

by vishnuteja

What do you want from Microsoft Windows Phone OS ?
Well comparatively, Windows Phone OS has least share in the market but there are many lovers of it like me.
In the world of patents and copyrights issues, and tough war b/w iOS & Android features and UI's, Microsoft has set the standards for a different approach in the entire design.
The design and performance of Windows OS is so unique that it can fit any hardware. The design guidelines were so unique unlike other OS'es which puts Windows apart from all. The uniformity in all apps is so... Read more →

by dave

What do you use to keep in touch?

There’s no shortage of messaging apps around. With things like iMessage, Google Hangouts, Facebook Messages, Whatsapp, Line, Path Talk, Snapchat and countless others, it can be a bit overwhelming to figure out how to properly contact your friends. What’s the primary way you text or chat with others on your mobile devices and how did you choose it? Is it based on what your friends were using? Did you decide based on features?

by johnhelsell

What's the future of Mobile Banking Application Development?
Everyone here, who use to complete their task in a faster way, with the help of most common thing “smartphones” one can easily & efficiently do all. We all know that most of us spend more than an hour a day with our smartphones. So, having a customized app in respect of daily performing tasks helps a lot for us all.
Kwikset Kevo

by anishsomani

Security Solution using smart phones
Recently loads of start up have come up related to door locks, bicycle locks etc. and using a smart phone and apps to open them up or locks them with a bundle of other features in it.
Well its an awesome idea and looks like, its been grabbing loads of attention these days considering the increase in number of smart phone usage in daily life.
But one gap which we would notice is that each of these startups are meant for a particular element; be it a door or a bicycle.
How about combining all the... Read more →

by johncolucci

Facebook Messenger: Give in, or say goodbye
Last month, Facebook announced that users would need to download a separate Messenger app if they wanted to continue exchanging messages on their phone. (Our story:
The social media juggernaut says the goal is to make Messenger "the best mobile messaging experience possible," but for the most part, this shift has angered users who don't want to be forced into using yet... Read more →

by dave

What are the best travel apps for smartphones?
In a few weeks, we'll be leaving on an epic vacation to Southeast Asia. In the meantime, I've been searching for useful applications that will help us get around and understand things while traveling abroad. Do you have any good recommendations? Share them in the comments below!
Here's what's on our phones so far. (I apologize for the iOS centric nature of my list -- it's what we're traveling with!)
FlightAware (free / Android, iOS):... Read more →
Apple iPhone 5

by dave

Do I have an unhealthy fear of in-app purchases?
I think it's pretty common knowledge that I love playing games in various forms and on various platforms. Consoles, PCs, mobile devices, and even board games.
While browsing through the App Store, I noticed a new game that seems pretty awesome. Virtual multiplayer jousting! Being obsessed with things like Game of Thrones and other medieval high fantasy genres, this is something that should be an immediate download for me.
Of course, I click it and see that it's free.... Read more →

by rajeshb

Skype on Nokia Lumia 1020
I have purchased a refurbished nokia lumia 1020. When i call on skype its volume is very very low. Is it the application on phone creating problem or is it apll fault itself?