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Apple iPhone 6

by oxdougw

Verizon Trade-In Nonsense
I went into the Verizon website on 9/15 to lock in a trade-in value for my 4s and the agreement was to either order a new phone or purchase one at their stores by 9/30 for the trade-in to be valid. So then on 9/19 I receive an email from them stating that I haven't order or purchased a phone "by 9/30" so my trade-in agreement was no longer valid and I had to apply again. What a bunch of BS.

by newthings

Verizon Upgrade Eligibility Transfer Surprise
I have upgraded twice over the years as new iPhones became available. I have 3 numbers and have upgrade eligibility on two with Basic service numbers. My third number is an iPhone 5s smart phone data plan. So, this time I called Verizon and confirmed I could again do a number to number transfer of eligibility as I have in the past to get the upgrade to the iPhone 6 on my existing data line. The agent confirmed the plan. Great.
So, I ordered and got my new iPhone 6 on 9/19/14. I called Verizon to... Read more →

by lbeck37

Sprint enforcing 300MB data roaming limit
I received an email today from Sprint that said my wife's phone has used too much data roaming. I called Sprint and they said they have always had a data roaming limit but just started on Sept 1 enforcing it.
So instead of Sprint sending me an email apologizing for me having to use roaming (I.e. Verizon) for my data service, they send me an email reminding me how bad my Sprint service is and how they are going to cut off a feature as important as data while being out of their limited coverage.
You... Read more →
Samsung Galaxy S5

by Irishdoom

Switching Carriers - How to get the best deal?
I've been a T-Mo user for a number of years, and for the most part have been very happy. Unfortunately, I recently moved somewhere a little more remote, and the coverage is too frustrating. I need to switch to one of the big 2, either ATT or Verizon. I do get a service discount from my employer for AT&T, so I'm definitely leaning that way.
Now to choose 2 phones, and make sure I get the best intro deal. Is it best to shop online, or will I be better off calling and talking to sales? Or can I... Read more →

by peetabrody

TP-Link 3040 with AT&T Beam 340u
  • Hi all! I am DESPERATELY trying to get this to work. I just want to use my tp-link as a battery powered wireless router for my AT&T beam. Ive looked at everything from apn's to custom firmware but I am at a standstill. Any help or advice would be appreciated. Let me know! Thanks!


Samsung s3


by NicoBugarin

What phone do you use?
I just want to know what people use as their daily phone.

What phone do you use?
  • iPhone
  • BlackBerry
  • Samsung
  • LG
  • Nexus
  • HTC
  • Sony Xperia
  • Motorola
  • Nokia
  • (If not mentioned above please put the name of of your daily phone)
e.g. iPhone 5c, Samsung Note 3, Nexus 5 etc
Please share this discussion so people would see and answer.

by jameyhoward

Three UK 4G
Up until a few days ago Three UK's website still said they were launching 4G in London (and a few other cities) in December. They've now managed to edit that webpage to remove that part, but nevertheless there was plenty of talk in the media about them launching in December throughout 2013, however now that the deadline has firmly been missed I don't see any news sites chasing Three for updates about why they've postponed it and offering any updates. Now that CES is over maybe someone could... Read more →

by gretta

HTC Thunderbolt From Verizon
I have a htc thunder bolt my daughter gave me when she upgraded I can not afford verizon.Is there a way to go to straight talk with this phone?

by Baltoboy

Sprint Tri-Band Phone Nightmares
After careful research, I renewed my contract with Sprint, took advantage of the new phone discount, and purchased the LG G2. Purchased with the promise of blazing speeds on Sprint's soon to be Spark network and for now excellent speeds on the 4G LTE band. Only to discover that these new tri-band phones have undisclosed issues when 4G LTE is not strong, as is the case for me at home and at work. In a disappointing case of LG pointing the finger at Sprint and Sprint pointing the finger at LG, the... Read more →
Apple iPhone 5s

by AugieHusker

Buying an "unlocked" iPhone 5s from Apple
I see that apple now has a listing for a SIM free iPhone 5s. If I was to purchase that device, or the contract free T-Mobile device, would I be able to take that phone to a Verizon account, even though the listing has it as a GSM device? Aren't they all the same phone?