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June 18th 2014 8:24 pm

Torn Between HTC One M7, Samsung Galaxy S4, and Samsung Note II

I have to get a smart phone for a job I'm starting soon and since I'm going to be entering into a two-year contract, I'm doing tons of research on the three phones mentioned in the subject. I was just wondering if anyone had one of these phones and could weigh in; or had a very strong, unbiased opinion in favor of one of them.

I've already written out pros and cons for each phone, but I'm inundated with new information every time I go online and just can't make a decision anymore. I love the size and unique stylus features with the Note but people tell me I'll soon get sick of it. And I LOVE the way the HTC looks, but I'm told the camera is subpar to the Samsung Galaxy S4, which seems to be the winner simply by virtue of having a better camera.

Is the camera on the S4 really that much better? And if so, in what ways? I do want my phone to double as my camera, so I would be disappointed if it wasn't all that great. My sister took our old Canon 13 megapixel run-of-the-mill camera with her so I'm looking for a phone that would do pretty much the same thing it used to do. (And to my understanding it seems to be not so much the megapixels as the quality.)

Sorry if this is a question beaten to death, but I just cannot come to a decision. I'm skeptical of many viewpoints I read and just want to hear an average person's account of one of the phones and how it has worked for them.

Thanks to anyone who had the patience to read through this! If It isn't already obvious, I'm not very tech savvy.

N.B. I'm picking older models due to money constraints. I'd get every version in the latest if I could.

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I can understand the constraint, but I feel I should warn you. Android phones don't usually get support after 18 months. All 3 phones are near the end of their support lifecycles. Getting locked into one of those for 2 years will feel really harsh down the line. Of course, there are all these new early upgrade options, so you could take advantage of that somewhere down the line if the phones start feeling dated.

Personally, I prefer the HTC One over the SGS4. The display is that much better. We were promised a ridiculous camera with the HTC One, but everyone I know with an HTC One can only take purple-tinted pictures now. Samsung's TouchWhiz really detracts from the Android experience, whereas the newer versions of HTC's Sense adds a bit of polish. (UI/skin customizations)

On the other hand, there's the SGN2. That's a much older phone that really lags in specs compared to the others. You'll find more trouble handling that a year and a half from now. The big screen is nice, but the old SGN2 didn't have the best of resolutions. (both other flagships have much smaller screens, which leads to a higher PPI, with higher screen resolutions, which also leads to a higher PPI) That said, the battery life on this bad boy is MUCH higher than the smaller phones.
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Thank you so much for the reply! This really helps in the decision-making process. I didn't know that support ends after 18 months. What do you mean by purple-tinted pictures though? Is the camera ridiculously bad? There's a sale right now on the S5 so I might just end up forking over the 100 and signing into a 2 year contract.
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Check this link for a bunch of sample photos with the purple tint:

After doing a bit of Googling, it seems HTC will replace your camera on your warranty if you get the purple tint issue and they will put a replacement camera that shouldn't ever face that issue again.

On the other hand, if you can get that S5 on discount, you'll probably be much better off.
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