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January 28th 2010 8:49 pm

Touch sensitive power and eject buttons...

I watched a movie with my bro-in-law last weekend and put a blu-ray into his new PS3 Slim. I touched the area where the eject button is to eject the disc that was currently in it. Nothing happened. I touched it again. Still nothing. I finally pressed down hard and the area depressed. I had completely forgotten that the new PS3 model doesn't have any touch-sensitive buttons. It made me a little sad that they won't experience the sweet touch abilities of the "old" PS3. I must admit, those touch sensitive buttons really set it apart from other consoles and added a real coolness factor.... Something about a PS3 with buttons just doesn't seem right....

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Yeah, those are pretty cool. Except having to hold down on the power to turn it off.
Even though I used to be an Sony anti-fanboy, I do enjoy the PS3.
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I guess they must have been really expensive...???? now its slumming it like the xbox and wii... I still love that both the PS3 and Wii have slot loading drives too... those are sweet too compared to the xboxes 2005 tech... LOL
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