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January 17th 2012 1:56 am

TouchPad webOS Preware Patches Not Working After System Update - Fix

If you've received the latest TouchPad update 3.0.5 and you had any patches installed you might have noticed them not working. They are installed, but unless the package has been updated since the system update, it's not actually doing anything. This has happened in previous system updates. This happens because all the Preware feeds change because they have the OS version number on the end, the feeds get updated and until the patch maintainer updates the patch to the new feed, the patch doesn't get re-installed.

Here's a quick guide to get your patches up and running again if don't want to wait for the patches to get updated by their developers.
  1. Open up Preware > Installed Packages > Patches
  2. Go through each patch and remove it (don't have to restart Luna for each one)
  3. Restart and open up Preware > Manage Feeds
  4. Scroll down to New Feed and add:
    Name: webos-patches-304
    URL: ipkg.preware.org­/feeds­/webos­-patches­/3.0.4
  5. When you click back update your feeds, and you should be able to reinstall all your patches again, restart luna.

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This is NOT a recommended fix, as advised by a member of webOS Internals. See this link for clarification:

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Thanks for sharing Derek, I only found out about AUPT last week and thought it was strange I hadn't read any about patch update issues on webosnation (guess it's more talked about in the forums). Being impatient I added the 3.0.4 feed and was happy to find all my patches installed fine. Looking forward to the upcoming replacement (AUSMT) so this is no longer an issue.
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No worries, someone had posted a link to this post over at webOS Nation, and I just thought I would pass along the information that I read from webOS Internals.
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