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April 25th 2012 12:18 am

Trying to decide if a point-and-shoot is still the best option for me?

I've traditionally used point-and-shoots for the past 10+ years (though I did use a Canon AE-1 way back in the day). I've not been blown away by the overall quality of pictures I've taken using the point and shoots (including my older Canon PowerShot from 2009). I haven't played around too much with some of the custom settings available on most point-and-shoots nowadays. I'm trying to determine if it's better for me to get an SLR or really dig into how to use what I currently have?

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I think a big question is what your goal with the point and shoot? I picked up a DSLR over a point and shoot because the times where I'd want a point and shoot -- hanging out, mulling around, on my bike, etc -- my cell phone can suffice; not as nice quality but it's one less thing. I got the DSLR for times when I want to be out taking pictures, hiking, traveling, etc.
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