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November 4th 2012 3:54 pm

Turtle beach headphones connected to xbox360 slim hdmi ceiling hung projector

Does anyone know how to connect this? I have a ceiling mounted projector and Xbox 360 slim and Turtle beach headset. I have an HDMI cord going from projector to Xbox. I bought the analog audio adapter and plugged it into the back of the Xbox. I plugged the headset into the white and red component plugs of the adapter. Headset doesn't work. What did I do wrong? Any advice would be most appreciated. I haven't been able to find the answer to this anywhere.

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Whose audio adapter are you referring to? Also, which headset are you using? Can you post links?
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I believe it's the X31 headset. Here is a picture of the adapter I have - www.newegg.com­/Product­/Product.aspx­?Item­=N82E16874...

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I'm sorry. I'm can't find a manual for the adapter, and that may be key to getting it to work for you. You have probably already tried to contact their tech support? Other than that, have you tried:

Check power: the USB power to the transmitter, power switch on headset is "on", and the batteries for the headset are installed correctly. This is all covered in the Troubleshooting Tips section of your user manual.

Check volume controls on transmitter and headset.

That is about it for ideas. Good luck!
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