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August 8th 2013 8:52 am

Ubuntu Edge pricing drops again but still far off from goal

Canonical has dropped pricing again for the Edge, bringing it down to $695. They have until August 21st to raise the 32MM and they're currently at only (I know, I know) 8.5MM. With 14 days to go, I'm just not entirely optomistic they can make up that other 23MM in time. I know when the project first launched they raised 7MM fairly quickly, but since then it's only gone up roughly 1.5MM.

I know I'm speaking about these numbers like they're small and I fully recognize that raising 8.5MM is really remarkable, especially for this kind of device. I just wonder if setting that goal of 32MM was to lofty of a goal. Would they have been better served saying "We're only going to run an initial production of 5,000 units" and just let people buy them.


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Sounds like Canonical grossly overestimated demand for this. I think for most people they don't want yet another mobile ecosystem. If desktop Linux was more popular than it is this might be different because Ubuntu could leverage that user base and at least assure people that the apps they like on their computer would translate to their phones, but as it is switching to an Ubuntu phone would be a pretty big investment for most people.
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The phone is supposed to be dual OS supported, so it will be able to run Android. I still don't think that helps make this an attractive phone for even the most hardcore of gadget fans.
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I think that the $32 million goal was a bit to lofty and I like the idea of an initial production run. That being said, I think the purpose for the campaign is more than just producing the phone. The larger purpose is to show mobile carriers worldwide that this is something people would like to see supported. That there is a demand for something that is not Google, Apple or Microsoft/Nokia made. To achieve that goal the $32 million mark was probably a little too low. A nice catch 22 there.

They're at $9 million with 13 days left. I think that it is safe to say that the project will not reach the goal. Even if someone or multiple someones bought the remaining 49 Enterprise bundle that would only add $4 million to the bottom line, almost $20 million short.

Maybe the 5,000 production run suggested is too many. Currently there at about 800 phones. Maybe a 2,500 production run would have been better.
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