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February 24th 2012 3:40 pm

Ubuntu for Android is official and coming soon. Could it be the next mobile revolution? What do you think of it?

In case you missed it, Canonical recently announced Ubuntu for Android.

Announcement: www.engadget.com­/2012­/02­/21­/ubuntus­-full­-desktop­-o...
Hands On: www.engadget.com­/2012­/02­/24­/ubuntu­-for­-android­-han...

Basically, the Ubuntu OS (the third contender in the computer OS race besides Windows and OSX, popular with tinkerers and the hacking/open source community) will run alongside the Android OS on multi-core Android devices and then boot into the Ubuntu OS when attached to a docking station such as a external monitor with a keyboard and mouse. Android is not affected in any way on the device.

Canonical is currently in talks with phone manufactures to get them to put the new software on their devices slated for release later this year (2012), and I've got to say I'm both pretty impressed and extremely excited.

A few years ago, my Windows XP partition in my tower PC was completely removed (was playing with settings, accidentally removed it haha :P). I had no OS, so I made an Ubuntu install kit and booted into that. I ended up using it for a solid 6 months or so, and although it was pretty different from Windows, it was seriously cool. I still miss using it to this day.

As such, I am EXTREMELY excited for this. Motorola tried to do something like this before in their lapdock docking stations with some of their Android phones, but I think (if executed correctly) this could be the first step to actually replacing our laptops and desktops with a multi-core portable device that we then dock at our desks to boot into a full desktop OS.

So gdgt community, what do you think of the announcement (or even the idea, for that matter) of Ubuntu for Android? Could it be a game changer?

Share your thoughts below!

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Motorola had their own docked OS with the original Atrix and it didn't seem to take off at all. I like the idea of being able to do all my personal computing with a single device, though it would really suck if I lost my phone. One downer that I hope is avoided, requiring costly hardware is a huge barrier to entry, so if Canonical can do this with the HDMI out, it would be more compelling for me.
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That's exactly the plan! Just dock with an external screen via HDMI out, and it starts up Ubuntu. :D I do agree though, it would really suck if you lost your phone.
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Well it may take off just like the various flavors of Linux did on netbooks. Unfortunately, I do not give it much of a chance to be widely adopted.
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I agree that this is very exciting but I hope that the build of Ubuntu used in these phones is cloud connected. Like Cass said, it would suck if you lose your phone BUT if your settings, files, and maybe even your programs are synced online, then this has the potential to replace many people's computers!
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It's more than a year later, and it's still not released? :(
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