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September 19th 2009 9:59 am

Unboxing at Engadget and only B wifi, 2


So engadget has unboxed the PSP go, and a commentor noticed that on the box that the only wifi marker that it supports is B, that can not be true can it? What do you think,

FYI i hate internet explorer, double posts, which is why the first one didn't work since i thought i would be slick and delete one.

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Here is the picture of where it only shows that it has a b grade wifi

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This is true, and it's been that way in all three models of PSP to date.
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Oh well then, i learned something new, thank you, although the pics of it realy look good.
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its true and its retarded... both the DS and PSP have wireless B and its so stupid.. at least the DS has tiny games so it kind of works, but not the PSP!! theres no excuse for this sony....
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