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April 15th 2014 12:29 pm

Upgrading from a Droid Bionic

Next month, I get to upgrade and I think I want to break away from the useless Verizon crap apps that fill up the Bionic. Will either the S5 or the HTCOne M8 be any better than Moto in this case? (Does anyone use the Verizon subscription mapping? EVER?) Or will I still suffer from Verizon's crapware infection?

Unfortunately, leaving Verizon is not an option for me at this point. And are the other carriers any better?

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I wouldn't count on the software load being much better just by switching Android phones; the Moto X should be relatively clean, but not so much a typical flagship device. Windows Phone and iPhone are cleaner; the former lets you delete preloaded software, while the latter doesn't preload any carrier apps at all.

You might want to consider T-Mobile if you jump ship, although check the coverage map and experiences from friends before you do. You don't want to find out that you live in a poor coverage zone after you've already said goodbye to Verizon.
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With Android phone, you either root it and load a clean ROM or don't use Android-based phone at all. Go with a Nokia Windows phone; any app on there can be easily uninstalled -- by design. I'm on ATT. Love Samsung phones, but despise the Google backend services crap along with ATT apps. You can't uninstall them. Instead of root it and upload a clean ROM, I switched to Nokia Windows phone (1020 and then 1520). My wife was a long time iPhone user since the first model to the latest. She also switched to Nokia 1520.
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