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September 3rd 2009 4:39 pm

Use Google Listen (Android App) to listen to gdgt podcast

I recently found the android app Google Listen (listen.googlelabs.com/) and was able to find the gdgt podcast by searching "gdgt". Highly recommended! the app buffers for a few minutes but no bump after that even for long podcasts.

If you have android, get Google Listen from the market place, search for gdgt, subscribe to it and start enjoying.

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how does this compare to the likes of say "ACast"? never heard of this before so i'll try it out to see the differences if nobody else has done a comparison yet.
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Google Listen is really lightweight, free and made by Google. Search is really nice but it searches all of the interweb and currently give crazy results. There's a popular seach feature so you see what's popular at them moment. A few downsides are: it's fairly new so there's some bumps, the interface has some hiccups and currently lacks video (i believe).

Most people are seeing big potential for Listen but are frustrated by not being able to find their favorite podcasts. The gdgt podcast shows up in searchs and streams/downloads nicely with Listen. Frankly I never got acast to work for me.
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I have used Listen as well and found gdgt podcast right away as well as a few other android related podcast. The search is kinda weird but hopefully they do work on that. For me it is perfect since its free, stores the casts on the SD card, and i can listen to the podcasts i want and subscribe to them easy.
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I just downloaded this and I will have to try it soon. I forgot the headphone adapter at my apartment at school when I came home to go to the city. Oops. The app doesn't seem like the most intuitive thing in the world but it seems to work just fine.
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