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Used to have this, but I cut the cable/satellite cord in favor of a Tivo Premier and over-the-air broadcast only.

Put the money into Smart phones for the entire family.

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How do you like the Tivo compared to this? We went from TiVo to a Dish ViP722 and have been happy enough. I feel like Dish is one of the few services that actually makes a somewhat decent guide / menu system for their DVRs. That said, there's some interface elements from TiVo that we miss, but it's not a deal breaker.
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I had no complaints about the Dish DVR - it did everything I wanted it to - but without the service it's obvioiusly quite useless and I had to send it back, anyway. I know many people have problems with the Tivo Premiere, but I'm a fan. I really like how, when fast-forwarding, Tivo playback backs up a bit to allow you to catch the beginning of when the show resumes.
I think they're both very good products, both useful with their respective services.
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