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April 18th 2014 5:48 pm

Users of Android Kitkat, how would you change it?

I like most of Android 4.4, however I would change a few things that annoy me.
1. Alarms, I would like a short cut to be in the control panel as I use it every day
2. Headphone volume warning, this one annoys me no end, I know what's good for my ears an I have to unlock my phone to deal with the warning sign far too often
3. The slide up for Google now feature, when scrolling through test and websites I end up on Google now. However, it's useful to be able to get to fast. I would like to see it replace the notifications slide down menu.
What you think, and what would you change?

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Easy. Kitkat brought in terrible bluetooth instability

I would change Kitkat by having Google fix bug 63056

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I agree with most of what you said. I am not sure of Alarms. I do use them but I am happy to go through the app drawer to get it. No issues there.

What I would like to change is that I need that Play Store shortcut at the right top to be back. It was super easy to get to the store rather than looking for it in the app drawer.

After Microsoft introduced Cortana, I got confused of how Google is using data to get relevant information for me. Cortana uses data that is in it's notebook which is only on the phone and not on the servers as far as I heard and read. So I want similar functionality from Google Now.

The big change I want is the return of the default Android browser which is by far the best ever Browser on the platform till date. After it's removal in Jelly Bean, it has been a very discomforting experience browsing web on Android no matter which browser you use. Chrome is the worst of them all. So definitely require default Android browser.
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