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July 2nd 2009 5:49 pm

Using a Wii with a projector

I have a nintendo Wii, but I do not own a TV.

Instead I have a projector which I like because it's a massive screen

The problem is in connecting my Wii to the projector. I tried it a couple of times and had to put the motion sensor BEHIND me (I was facing the screen) which made it very hard for it to pick up my movements.

I obviously can't put the motion sensor in front of me unless I buy a really long wire (and then risk tripping on it while I play Wii tennis)

Has anybody else faced this issue? Am I doing something wrong?

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I am currently using my Wii on a projector, but it sounds like you have your Wii set up in the back of the room with your projector. We ran cables from the projector on the ceiling to the front wall where we have our entertainment center below our screen, so the Wii is still up front (we were able to do this easily because we ran the cables before finishing the basement). However, If moving the Wii to the front of the room isn't an opiton, check out the wireless sensor bars that are available, I've never used them, but they seem to have decent reviews. Here's one on Amazon: www.amazon.com­/Wii­-Wireless­-Sensor­-Bar­-nintendo­/dp...
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I use the Wii with a projector as well. I had to put the Wii close to the projector screen so that the sensor bar wire would reach. It doesn't look great but it works. Another solution I was looking into was a wireless sensor bar. Google it and you should find a third party wireless sensor bar.
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There are some decent 3rd party wireless motion sensors that are decent and not too expensive. Just invest in rechargeable batteries. Some are fold up so it becomes more portable if you bring the Wii some place.

Since the motion sensors on the bar are just IR LEDs powered by the Wii, any continual heat source (two candles) near the screen should work too!
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We did a similar set up for a company Christmas party and the boss used a wireless sensor bar. It worked great. The Wii was somewhere in the room and the sensor bar was on a short table just below the screen. No one could even tell the difference. I think he picked it up from Radio Sack of all places.
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Depending on how far from the screen you are, you may want to build a larger sensor bar. The one included with the Wii (and all the wireless replacements, I imagine) is useful from 3 to 8 feet.
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Both of these wires should be long enough to keep out of the way of your play area

www.svideo.com­/3rcaext.html - A/V Extension Cable (20 ft)
www.svideo.com­/rgbext30.html - Component Extension cable (30 ft)
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I have the Nyko wireless sensor bar and it works great for this application. The only thing I don't like about it is that it eats batteries very fast. Luckily most Wii sessions are short and sweet.... Metroid Prime 3 required lots of Energizers......
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Before I got a wireless sensor I experimented with candles - it totally works. Try it : ) www.joystiq.com­/2006­/11­/27­/joystiq­-video­-candles­-c...
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^Nice wireless solution if you don't mind spending three $ at radioshack and can twist a couple wires
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Easiest way => 2 candles.
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For non-Amish people who have access to batteries and a horseless carriage, get a wireless sensor bar! There's a million of them available. The candles throw off light and destroy the dark, movie theater atmosphere.

"Oh, you want to play Super Smash Bros. on the projector? Hold on, let me get some matches..........."
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I have my wired sensor bar under the wii -- however when playing shooting games or anything that uses infrared -- unless I stand far far back --- its kinda hard to use the controller on the projector
any ideas on how to make the sensor more effective?
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Yeah, I'm pretty sure that if you get brighter IR LED's and place them further apart you should get better results at a further distance. Probably best Googling it first though, I've never tried it myself.
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When we do "Winner Drinks Video Games" at our annual party, we throw the console up on a 12' screen out in the woods. The Wii sensor bar was woefully inadequate, so we have replaced it with Tiki Torches on either side of the screen. I'm imagining that any 2 IR sources - like candles for example - would work just as well as the tiki torches do.

No, you cannot come to my party. Yes, it is a LOT of fun.
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You wanna know what I did? I got some really friggin long mic cable and and cut the two ends off, exposing the copper. I then just twisted that exposed copper (no soldering), onto to ends ends of a normal RCA cable (yellow cheap stuff) that I had snipped off. This gave me 150 feet of length with very slight degradation in quality but nothing you can notice on a 15' screen. This was only for a one night event though.
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My Wii looks terrible through my projector...no HD!? crazy! and where are all the good games? sigh

Anyway, yes a wireless sensor bar is the way forwards...just remember to turn it off when you finish playing or you'll find yourself eating through batteries.
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My friend uses the wireless motion bar and its flawless. No lag time. Very responsive.
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to reiterate what should already be obvious by this point in this discussion... get a wireless sensor bar, or go to radio shack and buy two IR leds and a battery.
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