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November 26th 2009 3:09 pm

Using Chrome OS

I managed to get Chrome OS running on my HP Mini 110 thanks to the tip by Mark97062 in the Tips channel.

One thing though, is it just me or is this build different from the one that was shown off at the launch? Clicking on "applications" that were supposed to appear as panels just resulted in them opening in a new tab like any other web page. Also, I can't figure out how to get to that window switcher they were showing off where you can see an overview of the windows open, although I am able to switch between windows using "alt+tab", and the animations are certainly there.

Did I miss something out, or is this just a much older build of Chrome OS?

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The beta they're releasing is a much earlier version of Chrome OS than the one they showed. I think it's because they've worked out a lot of the kinks in this version, but some of the new stuff they showed off has a lot more issues.
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Hmm... Interesting. Hope they will put their updates online frequently, because so far it does seem like a very interesting concept.
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As long as we have the beta, there's nothing to be afraid of. You understand what I'm saying about. Of course, now I trust Google, my mail is placed on their servers. Putting everything online isn't bad but if you can't work offline at all (I have a strong suspicion that the terminal will also be removed in final release), then we should think twice what is really behind all that. And the suspicion is getting stronger with their promised distant system integrity verification. Well, when there will be the release, don't forget to open the terminal (if they'll leave it) and disable any suspicious running daemons. That's an old security rule that is suitable for any modern OS. Even if it was created by Google...
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try hitting F12, it does the lil expose window switching thing..

if you hit F8 it will come up with a virtual keyboard and by holding down, alt/shift/ctrl buttons it will display keyboard shortcuts..

Hope it helps

Got it working all food on my EEE PC 701 :)
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If we had seen this three years ago or maybe more, there would be a lot more buzz. We are used to spending quite a bit of our time in the browser now, so it seems kind of blase. Having Linux as the base for the OS will definitely make it easier to hit that pricing sweet spot in netbooks for mass adoption.
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