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March 13th 2010 6:20 am

Using the PS Eye for video chat in Windows

The PlayStation Eye has some nice features: low light compensation, noise reduction, 60-120 FPS, a 4 mic array, wide angle zoom... All very useful when it comes to video conferencing; especially when the subject is a hyper 1.5 year old running around for grandma and grandpa's amusement. Add to that its low cost and you have a pretty nice solution for your Skype vid conference needs.

While there are no official Windows drivers for the cam, some wonderful souls managed to discover what its innards are and not only reverse engineer drivers, but also they've developed a wrapper to allow its use by Skype and other such programs.

The first link is to the insanely long forum post that outlines the development process (and sort of serves as tech support, though it all works pretty seamlessly). The second link is to the driver download page. Half a meg gets you the driver and the wrapper. The install is quick and painless and, once you restart Skype or whatever program you wish to use the cam with, you're off to the races.

Enjoy, my gdgt brethren:



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Cool!. Thanks for the tip. Got Eye pet for my daughter and now it might just double as my skype cam!
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