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July 6th 2009 10:49 pm

Using with iPhone/iPod Touch

I recently bought a pair of these headphones for use with my iPhone. Sound quality is pretty good, but I found them to be very bass-heavy out of the box with barely any detail at the treble end. So I've tried all of the equalizer presets in the ipod app and can't seem to get a good balance. There's no 'custom' option on there, and I've read that the only way to change it is to update individual (or all) songs custom equalizer settings in iTunes.

Has anyone else had this same problem? If so, do you know if there's any way to get around this?


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Yes, that's just how the Triports are and the main reason why I sold them. A headphone amp might help to attenuate the overblown and bloaty bass and lack of treble, but the best solution is to use that money to get a better headphone to suit your needs. You can't fix a flawed headphone, get yourself a pair of Denon D1001K or Sennheiser HD 595, you'll be amazed how they blow the Triports away.
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Thanks for your thoughts. I've since found the Accoustic setting in the ipod settings on the iPhone to give the best sound.

I'll probably stick with these ones for now and then try out the Denon/Sennheiser ones you've kindly suggested at a later date. I could do with finding a shop where you can try all the different ones out!

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Try a 24hr+ burn in. Just plug them in and let them play. It will greatly enhance the sound.
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