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September 25th 2013 1:13 pm

Valve announces Steam Machines!

A follow up to their SteamOS (gdgt.com­/valve­/steamos) announcement from earlier this week, Valve has announced a new initiative to develop Steam Machines, a set of hardware built around SteamOS. Until October 25th, you can register for the hardware beta where 300 "Steamboxes" will be given away for testing.

Once those boxes are distributed, your next chance to get your hands on one of Valve's new computers will come in 2014 from a variety of manufacturers as they hit retail production.

Follow the steps here store.steampowered.com­/livingroom­/SteamMachines/ to sign up for the hardware beta and learn more about the program.

Is this something in which you'd be interested? Could you see replacing your Xbox or PlayStation with something like this? Let us know!`

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I absolutely love this idea and will purchase one if I have the finances for it when they release just to support Valve in this endeavor. I already ditched my XBox 360 and have no plans to get the One or the PS4. In fact, I just set up Steam on a spare machine I had so I could play some of the games I wanted to play on the 360 that I never got around to. I will be promoting this to anyone who asks me for feedback on the One or the PS4 over the next few months leading up to holiday shopping. I hope Valve turns the gaming industry upside down with this.
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My interest is piqued.

In my home office, I have my PC set up gets used solely for gaming these days. When I want to play games, I have to sit in my office chair and not use my home theater speakers.

I suppose I need to read more about what these steamboxes do, but if it just is a streaming endpoint for games, then I may as well move my PC into my living room. If there is an added feature set then it makes the box more appealing.

The again, if its effectively like having a gaming pc in my living room without the jet engine noise of my PC that could work too
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