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July 25th 2013 6:22 am

Very promising !

This should be the super Tablet when it comes to the market. The processor, the screen res, 5MP cam, easily makes it the best tablet available in the market.

I own an iPad and Nexus 7.1 (I will call this as 7.2) with JB 4.3 update in it already, and I am very happy with the performance, screen etc - which made me to carry it everywhere and iPad is almost retiring. I would strongly recommend anyone a Nexus 7.1 or or 7.2 - paying a hefty amount on other tablets wouldn't make sense.

Google should make is available everywhere very soon, and Now Apple has to work hard - even more.

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Definitely agree! I got the chance to play around with a demo unit at my local Best Buy, and it was freaking awesome. I will probably be getting one very soon.
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As it stands right now its a great little device. the screen is gorgeous.

oddly enough i think my favorite feature is the wireless charging. i used to have a Nokia that support it so i have the old charging pad for it. i place the Nexus on top of it and it starts charging.

I have no complaints about the device or the software at this point. i hate to call this the "perfect" 7 inch tablet but it sure is close. i would like to see a micro SD card but so far that's about it and even then since i find that i stream most of my media and the 16GB is mo than acceptable.

then on top of all that the price and i feel just pushes it over the top.
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This is a fantastic tablet. I have ipads and the mini and I think the Nexus 7.2 beats them all. The screen is awesome and I really like the form factor and i can comfortably grip it with one hand. It's very thin and light and lighting fast. I bought the Samsung Galaxy Tab 3 8.0 a couple weeks back, but took it back for the Nexus 7.2 and I am very happy I did. The Galaxy Tab had too much Samsung Software on it and compared to the Nexus 7.2 it was slow. Combine all of these things with price and I don't think you can go wrong.
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