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December 30th 2009 11:48 pm

Video Tips...

I wanted to start up a discussion regarding video tips on the 7D. As you know shooting video on DSLRs is a challenge. Lets share our troubles and tips here. Anybody want to get us started?

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I haven't bought mine yet but sound is a primary concern. Right now I plan on hooking wireless mics (lavs) to my two on camera people using the Zoom H4N and then feeding that via the XLR connection to my video camera. I am hoping that using this method I will be able to monitor the sound as it is being recorded using a headphone plugged into the Zoom.

Anyone have any experience doing this - will it work? How can I revise this plan so that I am not physically wired via the headset to the Zoom but yet can still monitor the sound....can I simply monitor the sound through my video camera for instance?
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I have started to shoot at lot with my 7D. A music video, two commercials and then a short film. My first recommendation is to avoid the stock lens that it comes with. Canon makes a 17-55 thats a 2.8 all the way thorugh, and a 24-70 thats a 2.8 (thats the one I got). The stock glass is just really slow in longer focal lengths and it's nice to have all that light and all that depth.

I would also suggest getting a rig or shoulder mount of some sort. I quickly learned how difficult it was going to be to hand hold a DSLR for extended periods of time. I got one from Red Rock, but there are a bunch out there.

I can't really help anyone on the audio situation. everything i've done has been dual source with a sound guy monitoring. But I think a wireless transmitter / receiver should get the job done.
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Just following up on the rig or shoulder mount recommendation: I just stumbled upon an article recently that created a $30 USD camera dolly out of Ikea parts. And they used it with a 7D. Depending on what sort of things you want to film, a camera dolly is pretty nice to have in your arsenal of film making tools.

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I've been drooling over glide track recently. That seems like its the way to go for small moves with a DSLR. It's more expensive, but takes up considerably less space. You can mount it on a tripod or put it on the ground.

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What lens are you guys currently using with your 7D? I'm actually looking at the Tamron SP AF17-50mm F/2.8 XR Di II lens that just came out. It comes highly suggested for use with video.
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I use a Canon 24-70 F2.8L I have been extremely happy with it. I also have a 10-22 3.4-5.6. I mostly use it for the 10mm.
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