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September 17th 2012 8:49 pm

Vivo Tab Pricing

According to ZDNet (www.zdnet.com­/asus­-windows­-8­-tablet­-pricing­-comes­-...), the pricing of the Asus tablets, including the Vivo tab, are quite high. I was hoping for <$1,000 for the Vivo Tab (including the keyboard).

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You can get the tablet for $800 and then use a Bluetooth keyboard to save money on that portion of the cost. However, they keyboard is really nice. It has a good hinge, 2 USB ports, and the extra battery that really extends the battery life. I have been using this for note taking and coding for school (I am studying to be a mechanical engineer) and I haven't put it below 60% using it from 730am to about 9pm.

This is a really good hybrid. Being able to write on it and run legacy apps is really nice. I have MATLAB installed on it and it runs quite well. However, its not the worlds most powerful. laptop but it does what i ask without issue. I recommend it only if you have something like a desktop PC just in case you need to use something that takes a lot of computing power.

Remember since it is a real windows machine you can use free hulu and other services like it!
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