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March 16th 2014 4:34 pm

wait for iPhone 6 or go with upcoming flagship Android?

it seems that every year myself and most of the globe gets stuck with the question, "Should I Wait???!". ive had the 1st gen, 3gS, 4, 4s, and now I have iphone 5 and am up to my knees in the apple ecosystem, and its literally no diff except how pretty its looks now with ios7 -_-.... but every time im relaxed listening to pandora and i want to make sure to tweak my station perfectly song 4 song and its like K CAN I PLEASE LIKE A PANDORA SONG WITHOUT UNLOCKING MY PHONE, OPENING THE APP, X-ing OUT OF ALL THE BANNERS and then FINAAAALLLY THUMBS UP....among numerous other repetitive tasks to do a single thing...really is annoying. seriously that sony Xperia z2 is looking fiiiiiiine. :)

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Im with you on this one. I have a contract renewal at start of june. I have been waiting in turmoil if I should go with the new iphone 6 or Xperia z2. Chances are the Z2 wont her Verizon so that will prob leave me with a battle between iphone 6 and Note 4.

Im sort of burnt out of iphones, I am like you, had all the ones before, I keep buying them due to the look of them and form factor. I honestly cant say I have any issues with ios at all. It works when I need it and works well enough for me.

I think I just want a new toy and no OS to play with. I really like the Z2, and really hope it comes to Verizon because that would make my choice easy. I really dont want to leave the carrier just for a phone I want to play with.
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If you have an iPhone 5, I'd say you could probably wait for an iPhone 6. You may not get as much control over Pandora, but if you're already deep into Apple's ecosystem, there's no rush to jump ship.

Also, tried giving Rdio or Slacker a chance? They're not perfect, but you may like their free radio services more if Pandora rubs you the wrong way.
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Sometimes I ask myself "why bother?" Because in the end you get basically the same thing Except this time you are gonna have to pay double for the new iphone. To be honest Apple is just Apple I mean I expected alot of change from 4 to 4s. Apparently I wasted my time and then said to make up for it when iphone 5 was announced but it failed as well even though the increase in the screen size wasn't ignorable then finally the 5s which was a bit more impressive due to the embedded finger print sensor which apparently was almost all they had to offer and oh yeah I forgot to mention the 64bit. Asside these two things the iphon5 and 5s are same.
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Ah, the perpetual waiting game. Something better is always on the horizon!

Honestly, the evangelical wars over which phone to choose are getting a bit tired at this point -- both major phone platforms offer a pretty similar set of features that you won't feel like you're missing out by using one or the other.

I think a lot of it comes down to preference. Like you, I've had an iPhone sing the original came out way back in 2008! At this point, there's so many apps and games that I've paid for (and still use on a daily basis) that switching and starting over makes me feel a bit apprehensive. This obviously isn't an issue for everyone and if someone is picking up their first smartphone, I'm not sure what I'd recommend.

On one hand, I feel like Apple's top-down experience makes it pretty easy to start using a phone and get on your way. But Android has come a long way -- and has many more interesting options as far as phones go. At the end of the day, I think the choice is mainly how invested in that ecosystem are you? Do you have Macs and want something that stays in sync between all your devices? Do you have an Apple TV or are interested in one? An iPhone will probably be awesome. Do you use and rely on a lot of Google services? Have a Roku, Chromecast, or maybe just don't care? Then Android might be better.

It's a hard question to answer that's getting harder to answer.
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"At this point, there's so many apps and games that I've paid for (and still use on a daily basis) that switching and starting over makes me feel a bit apprehensive."

This point is a big one for anyone thinking of switching. To me I have only bought maybe 5 bucks in apps over the years with my ios devices. So im at no real loss but I have family members that have invested alot of money in apps for ios and they cant understand my logic in switching.
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I am personally waiting to see at least what the iPhone 6 brings to the table before purchasing my next flagship.

But yes the Z2 does look nice :)
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