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May 25th 2012 10:24 pm

Was It Actually Google That Ended Up Acquiring Palm?

Yesterday's news that six senior Enyo engineers had left HP to join Google fell like Rome in the webOS community. Enyo is the open-source application framework that HP's team is building in preparation for the launch of Open webOS later this year.

It's clear that the biggest winner in the fall of Palm was Google. Importantly, they snagged the father of webOS, Matias Duarte. Nokia and Microsoft scored some top Palm staffers as well. HP, as we all know, squandered the rest of the company's efforts.

The reactions have ranged widely. Some see a webOS-ification of Android under way. I see elements of this, but it's clear that Duarte has taken Android in a different direction. Others only see the continuing failure of HP to leverage the assets they purchased in the Palm acquisition.

The most interesting take that I've seen though, is that the brain-drain of Palm led to HP receiving an empty shell that simply couldn't execute on the products. Harsh.

What's your take?

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Anyone that's spent any significant amount of time with WebOS can tell you that it's a beautiful platform that could've been a contender if the stars had aligned properly. Given what to me feels like a lack of major innovation by HP, placing the "brain trust" behind WebOS with the Android team can only mean good things. Android's 'vanilla' experience is already pretty good (in my opinion) so the WebOS team can only make it better. I'm guessing we're going to see a little more polish coming to Android in the upcoming versions.
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