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June 7th 2011 11:51 am

Watching the Nintendo E3 press conference? Discuss here.

What will the next generation of Nintendo home console look like? Tune in and find out.

Conference starts at noon EST. Watch it livestreaming at:

Nintendo: e3.nintendo.com/
G4: www.g4tv.com­/e3­-2011­/press­-conferences­/nintendo­/96...
Game Trailers: www.gametrailers.com­/netstorage­/e3­/e3­-live.html

For those with access to an actual TV, it's also airing on G4 (check local listings).

Engadget is liveblogging at:


Announced at the conference:

Wii U: gdgt.com­/nintendo­/wii­/u/
Wii U controller: gdgt.com­/nintendo­/wii­/u­/controller/

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Alright Nintendo, the dreams, hopes, and happy memories of millions of people are riding on this keynote.
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Okay Nintendo, pandering to the hardcore fans much? Zelda and an orchestra. Geez.
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This is pretty lame so far. Sigh...
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And here's the big announcement: the Wii U. That controller looks pretty spiffy, definitely something that casual gamers can grasp. Now they just need to back it up with good games to get the hardcore/serious gamers on board.
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I use Wii as my main gaming devise. I have mostly played COD using the Wii Zapper, but at one point I tried using the Wii Classic Controller. That lasted for about 2 rounds. The design is not ergonomic and there are not enough trigger buttons.
The Wii U is a spiffy controller, but it doesn't not seem to answer any of the issues the Wii Classic Controller has. You can't expect to get hardcore/serious gamers with another gimmick controller.
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already did, al teast for me, announcing batman, AC, metro ,ninja gaidea battlefield, tekken ghost recon... i just love it!
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"Let me show you what this system is capable of." → Play pre-rendered cutscenes? Come on, Reggie!
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I've been looking forward to Ninty's conference most. Hope we'll see some gems today.
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How much do you guys think it will cost and how much power will be in it? The controller itself can't be cheap.
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