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June 3rd 2011 1:57 pm

We're moving, so we have to cancel our Dish Network subscription.

Last year, we entered a contract with Dish Network for a year of service at a pretty cheap rate. As happens in the Bay Area, we've decided to move to a new apartment, which won't let us install a satellite dish. We called Dish Network to cancel our service ($90 early cancelation fee) and ask them what to do with their satellite dish.

They'll charge us $95 to come out, remove it and dispose of it. Or, we can just simply cut the cables ourselves, unbolt it, and throw away / recycle the dish. What?

It strikes me as amusing that they are adamant they get their set top box back, but they want nothing to do with this giant one meter satellite dish. (Then again, it's just a bunch of aluminum and copper).

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Maybe you can use it as a wok.
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The roof of our apartment building is littered with discarded satellite dishes. Bolted to the roof, rusted, severed cables dangling over the side (we had to pull a few of these up, as at least one cable would bang against our living room window when it was windy). The funniest part is that our building doesn't permit people to install dishes, but apparently lots of tenants have done it and the super just doesn't care.

FYI, the building has cable service from available from Cablevision and they just installed FIOS.
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I'd take the dish down myself and set it out on the curb, someone will surely take it and go get their $5 for it at a recycler (think of it like a giant soda can). As for the $95 for Dish to come out, that's nuts and if anything should be included in the ETF.
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Just leave it on the roof! Nobody will notice. You changing to Comcast?
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Not sure who we're going to go with. I'm hoping the new place is wired with some sort of fiber (it's a fairly new building), but we'll see!
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As much as everybody hates Comcast I do love their commercials. The Slowsky's get me every time. www.youtube.com­/watch­?v­=8Mp1wkrpW9M

Never get tired of Bill and Caroline.
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I imagine that they are concerned about someone using the set top box and potentially getting free satellite, but the satellite dish itself is useless without a set top box.
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