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March 13th 2014 7:14 am

Wearables...priced as tech or as fashion?

We've seen some examples of wearable tech hit the market over the last few years and rumors continue to swirl out of nearly every major electronics manufacturer about some development or other. We've seen examples that technically work but aren't quite 'there' yet (the Sony Smartwatch comes to mind), some brave attempts to set a standard by which others a judged (Pebbles entry), some failures (from Samsung) and of course, the buzz generating devices that make us dream of a far flung future (Google Glass).

What are you willing to pay?
If a manufacturer of your chosen ecosystem managed to produce a device that successfully met the promises made, whats a good price?
Is it the price of a cheap, middling or expensive phone?
Is it fair to have a generations, with yearly (or sooner) devices?
Should these devices be designed with fashion artist?
Should these devices match the fashion of the time or be as neutral as possible?

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I don't know about prices. It all depends on the product and what it can do. For example, I agree with Pebble and Pebble Steel's prices given their looks and functionality. But on the other hand, I wouldn't expect to buy Google Glass at those same prices.

Is it fair to have generations? Only if there was a big flaw that required hardware changes or if it was a new design (ex. Pebble Steel). Otherwise, I think it should be almost purely software updates.

Fashion artists? Yes! Very much so! One of the main things I didn't like about Pebble was its looks. I love the watch, but that plastic body was kinda bad. The new Pebble Steel is much more to my liking, though I don't really want to upgrade just yet.
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As far as price goes, I feel that wearable tech should match its 'dumb' equivalent if it isn't overly fashionable and be more expensive if the looks are trendier. You can't expect a stylish watch with smart features to be the same price as one without the smarts!

Generations should be at least 2 - 3 years apart, for hardware at least. Software should be updated yearly, but having hardware revisions every 2 - 3 years you're guaranteed more reason to upgrade. This period, however, is long for a company to maintain sales between hardware cycles, so my suggestion would just be to make money of services and apps. Still, I don't think wearables manufacturers will find much profit here.

Appearances should either be really nice or made in conjunction with a famous fashion brand, with a cheaper edition that is made of less expensive materials and has a less ambitious design.
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