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September 12th 2012 2:22 pm

Welcome back iPod Nano

I have felt in the past like the iPod nano was Apple's playground. Always changing and never quite just right. They tried new things like convex curved glass screens, and small touchscreens. They had a recall on the first generations.

The outgoing generation was a real oddball, compared to the 5th generation before it. I felt as if the 6th gen was way too fitness based with it's tiny touchscreen and clip back, that it would not be great for general use.

I think today they finally delivered something to be extremely proud of. Functionality wise, it is not terribly different, but design wise I think it is much better.

This looks usable AND beautiful in my opinion.

What do you think?

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I think Apple missed the mark on this one. I wanted thinner and more watch like with Bluetooth integration. I'll be holding onto my Nano 6.
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I actually agree on this one too. It would have been nice to see some integration of the Nano ver.6 with the iPhone or the iPad and would even increase sales of both items.
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I was looking forward to the same form factor as the 6th gen, but with bluetooth.

Why not just get rid of the old shuffle and re-christen the 6th gen Nano as the new Shuffle?
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I just posted a reply above to nitehawk saying the same thing.
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Apple is the company that has been known to push the envelope. This design is a half iPod Touch, with no frills. I was really hoping they would pursue the connected watch front. This is the safer bet, but it's the same iOS experience from 2 inches to 9.4inches. This certainly addresses the market of what does a parent buy for their kid who they don't want to have a data plan, but it's lame. That same parent can just give their kid an older iPhone when they buy the iPhone 5. This is just a smaller and cheaper iPod Touch. Yes it has the fitness thing built in, but so does every other iOS product.

How about getting the previous gen's design with bluetooth 4.0 and waterproofing? Selling a $150 watch is easy. This device is child's play, this is too easy. I just don't see much of a difference between this device and a iPod Touch, mainly because this is just smaller, not more durable or portable. Someone with a iPhone will not carry this at the same time unless they wanted to save their iPhone's battery.

After seeing this, maybe Apple didn't want to taint their iPod nano product line with pushing the connected watch category. Hopefully they'll come out with a new product line to address this market that's only limited by the quality of products in it. That's my hope anyway.
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Interesting. Nobody that I talk to was ever really into the watch design, yet the first two responses are praising it.

You do make very good points. There is very little separating this device from others. I do feel it is more portable. The iPod touch just got a bunch taller with its retina display, and the nano is clearly smaller. The price gap between a nano and the old iPod is now $50, further enticing someone to get a touch.

I don't think you will see a new product line though. A lot of people thought the iPod Classic would get revived or updated at many times in the last few years, yet it never happened.

I think the watch is dead, much to your dismay.
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"I think the watch is dead, much to your dismay."

Yes, the watch form-factor from Apple is dead, however they've shown the way for other vendors so I'm sure we'll have other options.
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You make a good point about the connected watch here. Adding bluetooth to the 6th gen nano would have been nice. Of course, I've always wondered why they simply didn't just make an 8gb version of this nano to replace the shuffle. I've owned a few shuffles and prefer a screen on my iPod.
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I used my nano as a watch and gym mp3 player a for a good 10 months (main button broke on me) But in that time a got a fair amount of compliments and i enjoyed using it that way. I know a bunch of other people that used it as a watch as well and they loved it. I'm not a fan of the new nano, I was hoping for the same form with bluetooth and maybe even waterproof to some degree. Oh well. But I really think there is a market for the Nano as a watch. Maybe another company willing to take it into consideration? Mp3 watch / heartrate monitor / waterproof ?
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I agree!
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I have an iPod nano 6th gen -- I mostly wear it as a watch and use its walk/run statistics features. I have several roller disco dance playlists which I listen to/use when roller skating at local rinks. I hardly ever use the radio or watch videos on it.

I find the 7th gen to be an absolute waste -- the prior form factor was just right; this one sucks -- they would have been better off adding Bluetooth to the existing square form factor (space considerations for the Bluetooth radio may be dictating the new form factor).
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"I hardly ever use the radio or watch videos on it."

@eboyhan - that's good, because the 6th gen doesn't support video.
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Have to disagree with you, and agree with DaBigKahuna.

As I tweeted when I first saw these, I think Apple missed the mark and they look fugly to me. The trapped white within a frame coordinated to the screen bg looks cheap, further enhanced by the ROUND icons? bLeCk!

I'm also not crazy about the colors. Something about them strikes me as cheap. I may feel a little different when I physically hold one, but that can't help the look.

As to the overall form factor with the rounded sides, they remind me of a tiny Nokia Lumia, which I dig, so I'm okay with that.

I loved the square form factor of my old mint-green shuffle (now lost!) and a 6th generation Nano from the refurb pile is looking mighty good right about now...
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As a fan of both the 5th gen and 6th gen nanos, I'm happy to see this form factor back. And with a larger screen and bluetooth, it's going to be a nice daily nano for me to use in music, podcasts, fitness (no more headphone cord getting in the way) and some videos.

The 6th gen was fitness related which I what I love about it, but it's not my only nano for music and podcasts. For that purpose, the 5th gen remains in daily use.

My only real negative on this new 7th gen nano is the lack of a 32gb model. With video playback back, I think storage is the key to having more videos and music on this.

I'll still buy one, though. The slate color is my preference here.
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The 6th gen was not a Nano, it was a shuffle with a touch screen interface. I was hoping for a true Nano in the 6th gen form factor. A true Nano would include video and bluetooth.

I have no need for the new 7th gen because it doesn't do anything that my 5th gen + iPhone combination doesn't do.
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I'm wondering how long can the 7th gen work when operating with the bluetooth. The Nano 6 calls for 24hour music play while the bigger 7th gen only allows 30hous of play time. So this mean unless Apple has a much lower power consumption of bluetooth chip they've used, or else using the bluetooth will give about the same mount of music play time as if the nano 6 were to be added with a bluetooth dongle.

Oh, and my comment on this 7th gen, I was surprised but in the way that they've made it bigger. Now it's too close to the Touch, I think there's going to be a problem. If I were to pick the a new device to buy, I'm all for the Touch. I get bigger screen, app download, and WIFI. Now people might be on their way to make a new skin for the Touch to be able to make phone calls.
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I disagree. They could have taken over the fitness market in the MP3 & GPS categories with a few hardware & software improvements in the Nano 6! In my opinion, they should have kept the small square size shape, added GPS, opened it up to developers! Can you IMAGINE the superiority of a watch size GPS device that plays music and is open to developers! Incredible!

I just wasn't impressed with what they released. They phoned this one in (pun intended). I feel like the features they offer in the Nano are pretty much covered by the ipod touch or shuffle and the device looks dumb - like something for a little kid. The only new feature I like is the bluetooth.

Will I buy it? Probably not. I will probably buy the Nano6 or a "Shuffle". I am tired of running with a brick iphone on my arm and I've been waiting to purchase an mp3 player until I saw what they were going to do. I like the idea of bluetooth, but the fitness headphone options for bluetooth devices are limited. Maybe they will rework the Shuffle and release with the "MiniPad"/"iPadAir"/"iPad Mini"?? Here's hoping. Anyone selling your old Nano6? @RayZorback me. :)
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I agree with you on the part where Apple should have tried to improve the Nano by adding the features such as blue tooth and GPS. But the problem for these functions will be the battery size. I've tried a bluetooth on my Nano 6gen just to find that I could only use it for 3 hours of playing time, its enough for me because I probably kill myself first working out before the battery dies on me.

The bluetooth, heart rate monitor, and GPS would be a great add-on. They could have eliminated the clip and increase the size of the battery, then the Nano will still be the same size and have enough battery power to operate these functions for say 10 hours or so.

Does it make sense to wear the shuffle on the wrist during exercise? I mean it has not watch feature like the Nano 6 gen, but it's easier to access the control panel on the wrist than some where clipped under your neck, does it?
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Completely looks like cheap Chinese copy cats.
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