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June 27th 2012 10:55 am

Well, I'll give you that it's prettier than the original 3DS...

...and I hope its hinges have a much tighter tolerance, but I fail to see the point of this just as I failed to see the point of the DSi XL. I understand the technical limitations, but introducing a unit with a bigger screen and no resolution bump has always struck me as a bad decision. I would have hoped for a redesign that incorporated the right analog pad and increased the battery life. Thinner would have been okay, but not too necessary. The OG 3DS is nearly DSi sized and I felt that was pretty much the perfect balance between portability and ergonomics.

Zigged where you probably should have zagged, Ninty.

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I hate to say it, but I have seen more DSi XL's in the hands of parents playing brain-age style games than kids.

I understand it, hell, my parents need to grab their reading glasses for just about everything and if they were to game (which there is 0% chance of that happening) I would bet they would take the larger screen any day. Having the larger screen is also a bit more forgiving on using a stylus from an accuracy standpoint. Easier to press something bigger than smaller.

I like the compact one too, don't get me wrong. The XL devices are not for me. They are the right call for someone else though.
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I just wonder how many of the "Touch Generation" still exist today? Most of those parents are probably still more than happy with the DSi XL or have bought a tablet or smartphone and are "gaming" on that. The 3DS, at least at this point in its life cycle, seems more geared towards, and I use this loosely, core gamers. I haven't noticed much in the way of casual software for it. Then again, I haven't noticed much in the way of ANY software for it, so, yeah...
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Looks good, more like a console, less like a shiny jewelry box.
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I agree that the lack of a right analog stick is definitely an oversight. The lack of the right stick on the original 3DS was a source of angst for quite a few console owners. Nintendo will be offering a right-stick expansion for the 3DS XL, but that will obviously make it even bigger. I personally like the increased size- while the 3DS is fairly portable, I still would have to put it in a backpack or just carry it, because it doesn't really fit in your pocket. Making it a little larger won't really inconvenience me at all.

The screen resolution seems like an issue, but from what I hear games still look pretty good. Also, the larger screen allows for original DS games to be played in their original resolution (apparently the 3DS reduces that somewhat). Also, I think you have to keep in mind that there are already quite a few 3DS games out, and those in development are going to be in the same resolution as the 3DS. It would probably be difficult to suddenly change the screen resolution for game developers (many of which are 3rd party). I have heard that the 3DS XL does not have anti-aliasing, so some images (specifically I've heard Pokémon avatars) might look jagged. But otherwise, I'd say gamers should give the 3DS XL resolution a chance.

I'll most likely be getting one. I missed out on the 3DS at launch, and I've been waiting for a good time to get one. I'm very optimistic about this console.
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