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January 30th 2014 12:59 am

What apps do you recommend for the Pebble watch?

I was able to snag a pebble watch today during a flash sale, got a pretty good price.

Now as I wait for it to rocket to my doorstep, I have been looking further into apps and watch faces, but the selection seems to be a bit daunting.

Do you have any recommendations on pebble apps or watch faces I should look into?

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Is the phone it'll be connected to an Android or iPhone?

If it's an Android, an app I can't live without is Pebble Notifier. In fact, without it, my Pebble wouldn't have nearly as much value. It'll let you push notifications from ANY app on your phone, not just what the official Pebble app supports (calls, SMS, email, Facebook, WhatsApp (WhatsApp notifications are in beta and aren't as good as the ones from Pebble Notifier), Hangouts, Google Voice).

Many apps will automatically just connect to your Pebble watch if it is connected, like RunKeeper. This does not require you to do anything; it'll just activate that feature in the app.
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Right now my main phone for the forseeable future is a Nexus 4. I'll definitely look into Pebble Notifier. I already intended to install runkeeper as one of the first things I do with it!
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There are a bunch of notifier apps. I ended up choosing Pebblify, which works really well for me.
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The main ones I'm using are Glance, Pebblify, Pebble Tasker, Music Boss and Simply Alarm.
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I really like the FuturaWeather watch face. It displays the temperature and an icon of "what its doing outside". Its my default.

I also look forward to using it for golf GPS this season (with Freecaddie), which is natively supported. To me that was worth the price of the watch alone!

I did mess around with glance, music boss and a few other apps, but found them tricky.

Overall, I'm super happy and getting a good 5 days or so battery life. Although I found certain apps impacted battery life, also be sure to check the ambient light setting to ensure its checking for darkness before illuminating on movement.

There's also a watchface maker app, Canvas, that is pretty cool.

The one thing I havent messed with much is fitness. I really think they should have a native pedometer, but wonder how it impacts battery.. I guess RunKeeper does most of this and I should try using that for fitness motivation (ala fitbit..)

I also saw there was sleep monitoring, this would be cool for them to include natively.

I found the storage space very limited. (8 watchfaces or apps) Hopefully they increase it.

Also, don't forget SNAKE!

I have the Nexus 5... FTW
(sorry for the long post)
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No need to apologize for long posts, that is fantastic! The Futura watch face looks nice cause it is simple yet provides good information. Bonus points because it looks like there is a Celsius version.

I may have to try playing around with canvas as well!

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Glad you like it, im gonna post a few other tidbits I left out, that I was prompted by the iwatch post on the main page..
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Where is the ambient light setting you're referrring to?
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settings > display > backlight:auto (ambient) and motion:on is what I have set. I think it just makes the backlight turn on less often than the on setting.
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Ah, OK. I hadn't realized that was one the choices.
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I had the "iWatch" pictured on the homepage (nano with Lunatik bank). I found it next to useless and basically for show. You had to press a button to wake it up and see the time and couldn't glance down at it.. Had I not won the nano in a contest, I would have never had one. Now that I have a Pebble smart watch, I know how promising the category is. What can/will Apple do that Pebble hasn't? You don't need/want music stored on your watch. Your phone is for that.. now to control music playing on your phone, that is cool, and Pebble has this also.

What excites me most about the smart watch is:

- the main function is its a WATCH

- discreet notifications

- integration with apps such as golf gps and runkeeper

- music player integration, such as Pandora

- customize-able faces to an extent (doubt Apple does this)

- Weather and forecasts

- sleep monitoring

- great battery life (5 days or so)

Pebble does most of this.

The Samsung watch priced itself out of the market for this type of extension to the phone/device. Also the battery lasts about a day... And, you don't NEED to talk into your wrist or snap spy photos like Dick Tracey, no matter how bad you want to.

Here's an idea Apple, ship the watch with an array of say 2-4 hot-swappable rechargeable batteries so theres always one charged and people can just grab and go. Your watch on your wrist should not have to come off to charge..
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pebble bucks is pretty awesome.
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Sports Timer, Music Boss, Glance for Pebble
LGS Watch, Timely, Simplicity Plus, Fair Forecast
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I would like to report a very smart app to write and send texts with your Pebble.

There are several apps to text but many of them are not
user friendly.

Pebble SMS Voice instead allows you to write (dictate) texts easily using your voice...
Of course with the aid of a bluetooth headset! ;)
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