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June 20th 2014 12:28 pm

What are some good browser extensions to protect your privacy?

Companies like Twitter, Facebook, and Google (not to mention all sorts of various ad networks) create cookies that track you around the entire internet and basically build a ridiculously accurate profile of your interests and habits. Facebook's recent news about "bringing a more personal touch to ads" (my B.S. alarm going off like crazy) reminds me that I should probably figure out how to lock down my browser. (More news on Facebook's new ad policy here: www.cnet.com­/news­/sandberg­-bring­-the­-personal­-touc...)

Don't get me wrong. I enjoy using Facebook, Twitter, and other services -- but I want it to be on my own terms. And I don't want to be boiled down into nothing more than a glorified algorithm (at least if I can help it).

So, for things like Chrome, Firefox, Safari (or whatever your favorite browser is), what sorts of extensions are you using to keep companies from tracking literally everything you do? Adblock comes to mind, but there are others right?

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I'm currently using DoNotTrackMe. But there are others like DisconnectMe or Ghostery. For the best privacy, I recommend using a VPN!
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I've been using Disconnect Me, too. I mostly like how it breaks down all the stats of how many tracking requests you've received and from whom.

Tor Browser is another good one. It bounces your information between three people, but anyone looking at that information can't tell who it originated from.
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I just started using Ghostery a few days ago for my casual browsing. I'm not so concerned about privacy to be using Tor regularly - I just don't want targeted ads. Ghostery installs seamlessly and seems to impose negligible overhead.
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