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February 4th 2014 1:39 pm

What are some of the strangest games you've found on Steam?


I love Steam. I've spent countless hours browsing the library for good deals and just looking at new and interesting games. One thing I've noticed is that there are some very strange games out there.

Here are some that I've found (interestingly, they all seem to be simulators):I know there have to be a ton of others out there. What have you found... and potentially purchased?

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This isn't available to buy on Steam... yet, but I think it still beats anything in terms of sheer weirdness, hands down:

Soda Drinker Pro: steamcommunity.com­/sharedfiles­/filedetails­/­?id­=192...
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OMG! I think we have a winner.
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But wait, there's more! I just found the other game I was trying to remember:

Burrito Galaxy 64: Mega-Tortilla Scrolls Saga 30X6 - Planetoid SAL-5A XIV Directors Cut: Candy Edition : Push it to the edge PRO: steamcommunity.com­/sharedfiles­/filedetails­/­?id­=210...
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The trailer for this game is so weird!
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This is part of Steam's Greenlight program www.catlateraldamage.com/
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I wish, wish, wish, wish this game was on Steam. Oh, man.

Goat Simulator: laughingsquid.com­/goat­-simulator­-a­-video­-game­-that...
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My pick is for "The Graveyard": store.steampowered.com­/app­/27020/
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Man, the reviews on that are brutal.
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Estranged Act One.

It's creepy but fun.
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