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October 7th 2013 10:45 am

What are the benefits of iMessage?

Beyond saving on text and reading them via Messages in OSX, is there any other benefits to iMessage? Given the number of issues that seem to come up surrounding iCloud I can't imaging trusting it as a main way of communicating.

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The advantages I see to iMessage are:
- Messages are sync'd between all your (Apple ecosystem) devices
- As you say, you can read/respond on your desktop or a wifi-only iDevice
- Optional read receipts (message is marked Delivered)
- Messages can be sent to email addresses instead of phone numbers, making it immune to phone number changes
- If traveling internationally, you can iMessage over wifi and not worry about international SMS charges
- Unlike Apple Jacks cereal, it does taste like Apple.

And yes, many of these points are just restating of the same thing with slightly different use cases.
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When people text me and it's over 140 characters I get the message in separate parts. In iMessanger I get the complete text no matter how long the text is.
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The two major things I like about it are:
1) synching between all my devices and computers
2) I can chat with my daughter on her iPod touch
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Trusting? Look sometimes it doesn't work right, that's definitely true, but I'm not sure I understand what you mean by trusting?

You realize that many people use snapchat...a half assed picture messaging app that people just scream into the phone, right?

Other people here have brought up excellent reasons to use iMessage over others, but as far as "trusting" you data, Apple is far more paranoid that I would ever be so if losing data or getting hacked is your concern you need to take a look at how bad the alternatives are.
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Trusting in the sense of the message getting there in a timely manner. There is no point in using a messaging service if it's always going to be delayed.
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I know that some users have had issues with iMessage in iOS 7, but everything I'm saying here is assuming that they fix it or you're not experiencing the problem. I have yet to have any issues.

As brasterc says, I find iMessage to be much faster. Further, there isn't really any guarantee that SMS will get there in a timely fashion or even at all either. Over my lifetime, I've had far more issues with SMS than with iMessage.
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I find that my iMessages get there faster than my text messages do. I trust iMessage completely and love that I have it, especially since I can message with my daughters iPad touch and my wife (who doesn't have unlimited text messages on her plan).
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