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July 8th 2009 3:20 pm

What are the best games to 'not download'?

I'm a huge fan of Skies of Arcadia on the RPG side.

I know there are TONS of Shumps, Ikaruga being the crown jewel.

Marvel Vs. Capcom is still the best fighting game around.

and no one should go through life without playing REZ.

What other recommendations do you guys have?
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That list pretty much covers all the essentials. I'd add Dead or Alive 2 into the mix as well, though. It was ahead of its time with one of the cleanest, smoothest control schemes around.
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I hesitate to recommend it, because it's kind of an acquired taste, but Shenmue is, truly, an epic game.
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The only thing bad about Shenmue was the dialogue. Everything else was great.

MvC 2 is great.

Crazy Taxi is good to have too, just to mess around with.
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Rez straight up. Though I did spend many hours playing Tony Hawk 2 as well.
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Jet Set Radio, Fur Fighters and Skies of Arcadia rank among my favorites. You should 'not download' those.

Shenmue, is overrated IMO, unless of course, you like looking for sailors.
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Well I've found the Two Power Stone to be funny fighting games
Also Grandia II is a good RPG
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Soul Calibur is the one of the best 3D fighters.

Chu Chu Rocket is multiplayer, party goodness.

I "not-downloaded" the MDK games and they seemed fun..........
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About 10 years ago I bought this thing for NBA Hoopz and that was and still is the only game I own and play on it!
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I agree with most of what has been mentioned. I regularly play some Soul Calibur or MvC2 or REZ or Virtua Tennis 2.
Shenmue I enjoyed, but it is an odd one - I ended up liking walking around and gambling and playing arcade games more than the "real game". I have Shenmue2 and I kind of lost interest somewhere on the first disk.

Other games I would recommend would be:

NFL2k2 - a really nice f-ball game - I wish I could just update the rosters and keep playing it
Tony Hawk 2 - graphics are meh but it's a must have unless you have it elsewhere
Metropolis Street Racer - it has its issues, but it's got a cool style

Oddly enough one of my favorite "Dreamcast" games is Gran Tourismo 2 - via Bleem it's fantastic (only down side is that it requires it's own VMU) Looks great (Bleem upped the graphics)


DC has some good driving games, but I've not found one that I love as much as this - what's the best driving game that I've missed?
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I think MvC is possibly the best fighting game i have ever played, but street fighter 3 3rd strike has now been identified as the great technical game. Powerstone are very cool also.
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"Not Downloading" games rules!
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Grandia. Capcom vs. Snk 2. Still waiting for a port of that game, it rocked! Garou mark of the wolves. Nadesico. Etc
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Don't forget Dance Dance Revolution!! =)
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