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What are the best root-only apps for Android?

I just rooted my Droid X and I'm looking for some cool apps to install to take advantage of this super user power.

So far I've installed:
- Wireless tether: Wifi tether to your phone. Pretty simple to use and you can even put encryption on.
- screenshot: Take screenshots on your phone. It's insane how this isn't a native feature of Android.

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SetCPU - over/underclock the phone
Astro - file manager
ROM manager - load/backup ROMs
Terminal - Linux terminal
Font Manager - not on the market, but on XDA somewhere - lets you change the system fonts
Titanium Backup - backup apps/data

I also throw in busybox and spare parts on the phones I root.
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i pretty much have what these guys have.

with that said, they are good apps indeed
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busybox is good cause you will need it and not realize it unless you actually read all the info the developers put down in the info for apps
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droid VNC server is kind of cool, but not quite as practical as it sounds. Hint: the Home key on your keyboard maps to the Home button on your phone.
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this is an app that ive been looking for for awhile now! Cant wait to try it out.
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drocap - screenshots
cpuboost - overclock controller
root explorer - prefer this file manager over astro
titanium - GREAT app for backing apps and is definitely worth the paid/donate version. I would recommend against doing backups of system data and leaving it strictly to apps w/ app data.
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Never used root explorer, is it that much better than astro?
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indeed it is better
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What does it let you do that Astro doesn't?
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It's less busy. RootExplorer is just the file structure tree and nothing else.
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access root folder. easier to move things i think, and copy.
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In addition to what others have said, I really like Superpower. It turns on and off 4G, 3G, 2G, Wi-Fi and background data based on screen state and timers. It extended the battery life in my Samsung Galaxy S from just over a day to nearly 2 days.
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